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Spring 17: Nimble AMS’ 15th Release and First AMS to Be Lightning Ready

  • Written by Eliza Hammer on February 7, 2017

Three times a year, NimbleUser and Salesforce release new features and functionality to all customers.  In Spring ‘17 we focused on improving Affiliation, Company, and Roster Management in Community Hub, better handling organizations with large, complex membership structures, and becoming the first AMS on the platform that is certified Lightning ready! A NimbleUser value is to be humble, but we can’t help but be proud of our team for achieving that certification.

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The Thousand Developer March on DX GA

  • Written by Ted Husted on February 6, 2017

The Salesforce DX pilot is imminent, and it's a pilot with a difference.

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Create New Member Moments Using Smart Speaker Technology

  • Written by Dan Stark on January 31, 2017

With the impressive sales of both the Amazon Echo and Google Home over the past six months, it seems smart speaker technology is here to stay. Owners of this technology are using it to do some pretty cool things like creating a smart home where they can control nearly everything with the use of their voice. Here at NimbleUser, we have been thinking a lot about how this technology could change the association industry.

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Confluence Templates For All

  • Written by Ted Husted on January 31, 2017

One of the many truly useful Confluence features are page templates. Along with Confluence templates for sprint planning, retrospectives, and Go-No-Go decisions, we have checklist templates for routine maintenance, rolling new versions, and even rolling out the next seasonal release.

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A Helpful Switch

  • Written by Matt Reiner on January 26, 2017

In early 2016, we began evaluating how easily our customers could find answers on the Nimble AMS help site. We started by speaking with our customers about how they like to search for information on the internet, and what types of content they find most helpful. We had conversations with users at different technical levels and job roles and found a few striking similarities in what everyone needed most.

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