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Association Technology Predictions for 2012

  • Written by Jeff Golembiewski on December 22, 2011


I recently came across this great post by Kiki L'Italien on predictions for associations in 2012.  A lot of what was posted seems perfectly aligned with our features for Nimble AMS.

  • Social media is here to stay and more associations will be utilizing social media tools.
  • Associations will be "forced" to be more innovative, mobile, and social.
  • Associations will jump on QR codes with vigor.
  • The association will need to lasso all the engagement channels.
  • Associations must prove, not assume, their value to members.
  • Association staff will list their social network contact information on their business cards.

It is great fun reading what others in the association industry are predicting and planning for in 2012.  These are all great things to consider when looking at your AMS and you wonder … can my AMS do that?

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Apps for your AMS are like presents for your association!

  • Written by Jeff Golembiewski on December 21, 2011

The holiday season is upon us once again.  The holidays bring lots of giving, sharing, and seeing the faces light up as they unwrap their wonderful presents.  That made me ponder, in a holiday season of giving, what types of presents would your association like or want to receive?

Blog _presents

Associations do so many things.  These things can vary tremendously for the industry that the association represents.  The only common thread for all associations is that they use some form of an AMS (association management system).  So lets think of presents for your association's AMS.  What would be the perfect gift for your AMS and the staff that would be using it?

Where do you begin to look for gifts for an association' AMS?  Why an app store silly!  Wouldn't it be amazing if your AMS had a marketplace of a thousand plus apps that could extend the functionality of your system?  You get that with Nimble AMS!  Because Nimble AMS is powered by and built on the platform, you get access to all of the fabulous apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Blog _present _surprise

Each app is a possible present for you association.  It could be a free app that lets you display a map in your AMS for members addresses.  Or maybe a paid app that lets you develop reports for Nimble AMS and Salesforce using Crystal.  There are so many to choose from. 

App Exchange Screenshot

Just like with your smart phone and tablet, the AppExchange provides an easy to use site where you can find the right app for your association.  Using the AppExchange you can search to find the apps you need as well as view comments and ratings to help add your evaluation.  Each app you add on to Nimble AMS and Salesforce makes your system a little more personalize and a lot more productive for your association's staff.

Can your AMS offer presents like that?

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ASAE Tech Recap

  • Written by Beth Farrar on December 15, 2011

It is hard to believe that just 1 week ago the ASAE Tech Show was in full swing. The annual show attracted a total of 1,181 participants including 622 attendees and 370 exhibitors.

The Technology Conference & Expo is designed for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, CXOs, and other technology staff to gain knowledge, perspective and insight into the technology issues facing associations and nonprofits. A hot topic from this year's conference was mobile technology. Interesting fact: There are 7 billion people in the world but 10 billion are expected to be connected via mobile devices by important consideration when thinking of your next website redesign.
It was an especially proud moment for NimbleUser given that we were able to debut our fully restored Airstream Trailer as a fun way to get the word out about our AMS built on the Salesforce platform--Nimble AMS--and we happen to have a love for vintage airstreams. As you may recall from a previous blog , our journey began back in August with a not so sleek looking 1960s trailer and a vision. We were excited by the response we got from people and other vendors at the show for bringing something different to the table this year with both the trailer in our booth space and with our product, Nimble AMS
We had several great discussions with people who were looking for a more intuitive AMS--one that comes with the power of CRM but that gets where associations are headed. Our on-site product experts, Jeff G, Senior Consultant, and Matt Rist, Services Manager conducted several impromptu demos showing the power and potential of Nimble AMS from a social, mobile and overall platform perspective. General feedback from the show confirmed that associations are looking to go beyond the standard AMS features and the technology platform is playing an increasingly important role. Rather than having to constantly switch to the latest and greatest AMS on the market, choosing a CRM platform is similar to buying an Airstream trailer vs. committing to buying a vacation cabin/home. You want the flexibility to choose your next destination. Just because you are an association does not mean that you cannot have all the other features that make a CRM so appealing to leading companies all over the world. In a nutshell that is why we built Nimble AMS on the Salesforce platform. The technology platform keeps innovating, the App Exchange keeps growing and we add in the association expertise needed to add in the AMS features you need to run your association.
Check out some of the pictures from the Tech Conference and Contact Us today to discuss where your association is going!

BELOW: The NimbleUser Crew at the show, pictured from left:
JeffG, Senior Consultant, Matt Rist, Services Manager, Janan Compitello, Senior Consultant, Sig VanDamme, CIO, Dawn VanDamme, President & CEO, Beth Farrar, Marketing & HR Manager, Joe Shaben, Account Executive.
2011 ASAE Tech Crew

Here are a few more pictures of the restoration and from the show:

Trailer Door Side

Trailer Rear

Matt Demo

Ahhhh memory lane, the "Before" picture:

Trailer Before

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ASAE Technology Conference & Expo Game Changer!

  • Written by Jeff Golembiewski on December 13, 2011

Now that the ASAE Technology Conference & Expo is over and you are back in the office, the first thing your boss or others in your office will ask … "What did you learn?"

In other words, what great or revolutionary take aways do you have from the conference that we can immediately benefit from or that we can begin to build a strategy for in 2012.  They want to learn if there was any breathtaking game changers that can help lead the association into 2012. 

The definition of game changing is, "completely changing the way that something is done, thought about, or made".  I can say that the only thing I saw at the conference that was game changing was Chatter.  Chatter is your own association's private social network and it is a standard feature in Nimble AMS (fueled by 

Salesforce _chatter

" Salesforce Chatter on my iPad allows me to easily collaborate with our employees at a speed never before possible." --- Michael Chasen - President and CEO - Blackboard, Inc.

Why is Chatter a game changer for your association?

  • Collaborating at work is as easy as using Facebook.  Now your staff can stay connected with what is happening at the association with real-time updates.  Staff can create profiles, groups, and post what's happening now.
  • Nimble AMS collaboration.  Stay on top of what's happening at your association with real-time updates directly from your AMS (association management software).  Receive feed updates on association statistics, member activities, opportunities (membership, donor, sponsorship, advertising, exhibiting, etc.), important documents, or even business workflow with approvals.
  • Feel the pulse of the association anywhere.  Chatter apps already exist for your smart phones and tablets.  So it is now easier than ever for association staff to to collaborate and stay connected when out of the office and on the road.
  • Association data shift - Implementing Chatter changes how the association staff can have access to relevant information.  Chatter shifts an association from being static report and query driven to real-time and feed driven.  This increases productivity, visibility, and responsiveness.

Chatter alone is a game changing shift for association.  When Chatter at its core is fueled by your AMS (Nimble AMS), that is down right revolutionary.  Associations that sat down for a demo of Nimble AMS and Chatter at the conference were stunned by the depth and breath of Chatter's features and how these features can change how their association operates. 

Can your AMS do that?

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Keep Your Hands Off My Reports!

  • Written by Jeff Golembiewski on December 6, 2011

When thinking of an AMS (association management system), usually the first thought is not about reports.  It is not the most glamorous feature in a system.  But it is the corner stone of many needs and activities by staff.  Ultimately the data that goes in must or will come out at some point.

Having used AMS' over the past 20 years, the concept of report ownership never really went any where.  Reports and queries could be added to the AMS, but it was not possible to assign ownership.  You could group them in directories or folders.  Maybe include your name or a departments name in the report or query title.  Possibly even hide the report unless you have the permission to see it.  But there was never the ability at the user level to simply say … "hey ... this is my report … don't touch".  Until now.


You will never have to worry about that again.  You can create your reports and set them up at the beginning with you as the only person that can see them.  Using core tools, the reports, queries, and dashboards in Nimble AMS can have the appropriate visibility restrictions set.

  • Visible only to me
  • Visible to all users
  • Visible to a certain group of users

As you create new reports, queries, and dashboards, you can establish who should have access to them.  You now have the freedom to create your own reports that can only be visible to you.  Or you can grant access to the appropriate staff.

The reporting tools in provide an easy wizard approach where you can design the report as well as establish the appropriate access restrictions.  Being able to deploy reports, queries, and dashboards with ownership or group permissions can really streamline how your staff accesses data from the AMS. 

Can your AMS do that?

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