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Learn / Experience Virtual Reality for Associations at ASAE Tech 2016

  • Written by Sig VanDamme on December 9, 2016

Virtual Reality is opening a door to new types of storytelling, engagement, and immersive experiences.   Here are two ways to learn more about this exciting technology at ASAE Tech 2016.

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Meet Nimble AMS at ASAE Tech

  • Written by Courtney Lill on December 6, 2016

Are you attending the ASAE Technology Conference? If so, we’d love to talk with you!

Make An Appointment

Nimble AMS (Association Management Software) will be returning to the ASAE Technology Conference on December 13 & 14 in National Harbor, Maryland. This is an annual event bringing hundreds of association professionals together for two days of technology-focused learning, networking, and collaborating. 

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Why Scrum is SMART

  • Written by Ted Husted on November 17, 2016

Folks think of Scrum as an Agile project management system, and it is, but the ceremonies are classic time-management techniques that we see in Get Things Done, SMART goals, Pomodoro, and the Seven Habits. At its core, Scrum is a stealth time-management system.

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JIRA: Our nexus of truth

  • Written by Ted Husted on November 15, 2016

From its lowly beginnings as an bug tracker, JIRA has grown into a collaborative project management system that helps developers connect the dots.

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Life as a Service

  • Written by Ted Husted on November 10, 2016

First it was "Software as a Service", pioneered by folks like, back when the century was turning. Today, more and more of the things around us are becoming "as a service".

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