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The Thousand Developer March on DX GA

  • Written by Ted Husted on February 6, 2017

    The Salesforce DX pilot is imminent, and it's a pilot with a difference.

    Sure, DX is a groundbreaking initiative for Salesforce, breathtaking in its scope. Among other things, DX:

    • Moves the source of truth from the cloud environment to source control.
    • Pioneers a new kind of org, anchored in source code, and provisioned from the command line.
    • Enables a soup-to-nuts cloud-based development pipeline, using Heroku Pipelines and the source repository of your choice.
    • Embraces compatibility by letting us swap in Jenkins or TeamCity for Heroku.
    • Takes a CLI-first approach, to speed adoption by other toolsets.

    As fantastic as all this sounds, the DX team is taking yet another brave move: The upcoming pilot is open to one thousand participants.

    Yep, one, triple-zero.

    A typical SF pilot is open to a handful of folks, but DX is not your typical pilot.

    If you want in, sign up today!

    Once the pilot registration closes on 10-Feb, no one else will be admitted.

    It may be a long march to GA, but the longest journey begins with a single step.

    Ted Husted is a Kaizen Squad developer on the Nimble AMS product crew. "We make the good changes that create a great product." For more, follow @tedhusted on Twitter.