Winter '17 Release Preview

A core value of NimbleUser is Continuous Improvement. One way we live this is through upgrading Nimble AMS three times per year. We are excited to share the Winter '17 version of Nimble AMS and Salesforce Release Image Winter 17with our users. There are many features and improvements you have been asking for that we are excited to roll out.  Here are the highlights!

Beta Community Hub Featured Products The Community Hub store has been infused with new functionality as well as with a variety of additional enhancements to improve the user experience. Users can now browse the Community Hub store using new filter buttons in addition to the existing store category (often referred to as "departments") radio button filters. By default, Nimble AMS includes new filter buttons for "Featured Products" as well as for "All Products". In addition, administrators can configure additional customizable data sources and filters to display in the Community Hub store that make sense for your association. You could easily craft additional filter buttons for things such as "New Products", "Popular Products", or "Sale Products". The Community Hub store merchandise product card has also been enhanced with a field set, empowering administrators to adjust the fields they would like to display for each product in the store.

Beta Advanced Merchandise Product Listings The Advanced Merchandise Product List enhances the staff's order entry process for merchandise/store products in Staff View. Users can now filter down the list of merchandise products for faster data entry. The merchandise product list in The Order Process gains a keyword search as well as product category filter options so staff can filter the merchandise list to a more refined list to make finding merchandise product a snap. In addition, the most recent merchandise products purchased are shown when staff first go to enter a merchandise order. This is a huge bonus for repetitive order processing of the same or popular products.

Pilot Community Hub Donations Community Hub donations provides additional opportunities for your association to solicit donations. With a standalone donations checkout page, constituents can make a donation without having to create an account or login. They can also select a donation amount and provide additional information about the gift. Your association can link to the checkout page directly from your website to provide an easier path for constituents to make donations. A Donate page has been added within Community Hub that lists your association's causes in order to encourage users to make a donation

GA Session Level Max Administrators are now be able to set the maximum number of registrations for individual sessions in Community Hub. This gives event planners a better view of the sessions that are filling up and provides some flexibility to change rooms to allow for more registrations. In addition, it allows event planners to better understand topics of great interest for future events. Finally, it will ensure there is adequate space for the attendees in the rooms during the event. 

Beta Community Hub Setup  In many of the same ways as it's Staff View counterpart, Community Hub is highly configurable to each association's unique online and e-commerce needs. Administrators have the power to craft their Community Hub site by personalizing labels, building custom pages, and prompt users to review or update specific data sets online. The new and improved Community Hub Setup App gives administrators a centralized location for tools used to tailor the Community Hub experience on their own with simplicity and convenience. Updating/creating pages, cards, and related components like labels, field sets and data sources has never been easier. This is all supported by a more functional user interface that will empower your association for Community Hub greatness!

Beta Appeals Supercharge your giving campaign with appeals. Using appeals, you can solicit to target groups of constituents and track donations made from the group. An appeal links to a donation product, and provides staff a shareable URL which can be sent to constituents using your email marketing solution. Community Hub donations coming in based on clicking the shareable URL are automatically linked the appeal, making it super easy to track the success of your email marketing effort. When processing donations in Staff View, staff can select the appeal to which constituents want to give, right from the order process. You can use this designation in your analytics.

Want more information?

View the full Winter '17 Preview Release Notes in our Help Docs 

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What's the release process?

  • NimbleUser reviews the new features in Salesforce and prepares the Nimble AMS Preview.
  • NimbleUser upgrades customer's Staging environments to help verify the Nimble AMS Preview release.
  • They review the release notes and explore the new features in their Staging environment (the release notes provide instructions on how to turn on new features).
  • NimbleUser upgrades customer's Production environment and you can turn on the new features that you would like to use.
  • Custom Self Service sites are also upgraded.

What communications will customers receive?

  • NimbleUser let's customers know the day and time their Staging environment will be updated and the dates of the Nimble AMS Preview period.
  • NimbleUser let's customers know the day and time their Production environment will be updated.
  • NimbleUser communicates information on what new features are included in the release via the release notes which are available here in the Release Center.

What happens during the Preview period?

  • Customers help test all features and ensure that the Nimble AMS Preview meets our standards for quality and reliability.
  • We encourage customers to explore new features in their Staging environment and reach out to NimbleUser on how best to utilize these new features.

What do customers need to do?

  • Review release notes.
  • Determine which features you want to turn on in your Production environment.
  • Turn on new features in your Production environment. NimbleUser will provide instructions on how to turn these on within the release notes.


  • Upgrades are provided at no cost.
  • Customers are always on the latest version.
  • The Preview period provides an opportunity for clients who have opted in to verify the Nimble AMS Preview meets our standards for quality and reliability.
  • Customers can opt-in to the new features that interest them.
  • Self service sites are also upgraded.

Have questions?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions or concerns about these new features, or contact NimbleUser Support;, 585-586-4750.

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