Save Time and Money with Point & Click Integrations

The Nimble Integration Framework empowers your team to quickly integrate and extend Nimble AMS.

Key BenefitsNimble Integration Framework

Seamlessly Connect All of Your Systems

All of your 3rd party systems (CMS, LMS, etc.) can be easily connected from one central area.

No Developer Required

Enable external access thru point-and-click.

No Worry Upgrades

Nimble AMS and Salesforce can be upgraded without breaking any integrations.   


  • API library and classes with helper classes

  • Extensive logging features to record the details of every transaction.

  • Extensive documentation with code examples

  • Backed by experienced award winning support team

  • NimbleLand Peer Community

API services

  • Single, easy to use REST endpoint

  • Push Nimble AMS data to third party systems

  • Receive and process external data into Salesforce / Nimble AMS 

Real World ExampleAmerican Foundry Association Uses Nimble AMS For Their Association Software

The American Foundry Association leveraged the Nimble Integration Framework to integrate their Content Management System and Casting Supplier Directory in less than an hour. All with clicks not code.  (more)