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The fastest growing membership software built on Salesforce.

Learn how Nimble AMS can delight members, improve staff efficiency and drive organizational growth. Request a demo to see how Nimble AMS can make an impact on your association.

Success Story

Nimble AMS empowers associations to engage and retain members using predictive analytics

Learn how the Marine Corps Association & Foundation retained 25% more members using artificial intelligence and Nimble AMS.

Association Management Solution

Lead the pack with the most in-demand association management software built on Salesforce.

Our association management solutions deliver the features and capabilities you need to optimize your association’s systems and engage your members more effectively. Whether you’re looking for a way to automate manual data entry, more efficiently manage databases and data sharing, or optimize your members’ user experience, our association membership software (AMS) can help your organization move forward. 

There are several benefits of association management software you can experience with Nimble AMS:

  • Effective application architecture: With a system built on Salesforce, we deliver solutions following Salesforce best practices to move your operations forward.
  • Exceptional client support: We strive to be your partner, and our goal is to support your association and success with unmatched technical support and customized solutions.
  • Easy upgrades: Association management upgrades are free and straightforward for your organization because all our clients use the same AMS version.

With trusted solutions flexible to your needs, Nimble AMS delivers the capabilities you require to handle operational requirements at every level of your association. Some of the many things association management software can do include:


Membership management


Continuous upgrades


Process automation


Open platform

Satisfied members

Increase member engagement and satisfaction by building and tracking lifelong member relationships.

Connected data between Nimble AMS and Salesforce provides a 36O degree view of members, enabling associations to guide every member through a personalized journey, keeping engagement and satisfaction high.

With in-depth insights into your members and how they’re interacting with your association, you can customize your offerings to match what they need. Ensure every member feels recognized and appreciated with the tools to track their engagement. Your data can then help you recognize when to reach out at critical points in their membership journey and continue building relationships.

Efficient staff

Improve staff efficiency through automation and artificial intelligence. Save hours, days and even weeks by automating inefficient, manual day-to-day processes.

Free up staff to focus on activities that exceed member expectations and generate revenue, taking your organization to the next-level.

Solid platform

Feel confident with a secure, updated and configurable membership solution built on the #1 CRM platform, Salesforce. Gain a single view of members and accomplish more by easily connecting association data with other solutions through Nimble AMS integration partners or via API through the Salesforce AppExchange.

With Salesforce, you can get the innovative, intuitive technology you need to manage complex capabilities for your organization. The centralized information hub enables cohesive, comprehensive data sharing across the organization so you can be consistent and focused. Our association management solutions allow for convenient data sharing and clear communication company-wide.

Worry-free upgrades

Built on Salesforce, Nimble AMS offers continuous and seamless updates, giving association staff the latest tools and capabilities. Included updates empower associations to continue to grow and innovate.

Whatever your requirements, you can have confidence that Nimble AMS can keep up with intuitive capabilities as your organization moves forward. Get the platform that can grow with your association and continue delivering innovative solutions even as your needs may change over time.

The most in-demand AMS built on Salesforce.

Learn more about Nimble AMS with this product overview.

Choosing the Right AMS

Finding the AMS platform that best fits your needs is key to optimizing your processes and effectively reaching your members. Evaluate what kind of training your AMS options will require, how steep the learning curve will be and what your vendor will provide. With association database management systems that match your data sharing and management needs, your association can streamline complex tasks and build a cohesive approach to your processes. Keep in mind that you’ll want to evaluate your priorities and have a clear set of requirements you need from a new system.

 These are some essential criteria to consider when choosing the right association management software:

  • Training: Evaluate what kind of training your AMS options will require, how steep the learning curve will be and what your vendor will provide.
  • Platform: Ensure your AMS is built on a modern platform rather than a more legacy platform.
  • Scalability: When you’re choosing an AMS, consider whether it can scale to meet your needs as your organization changes.

Take the next step by scheduling a demo of Nimble AMS and learn how it can delight members, improve staff efficiency and drive organizational growth

What's so great about Nimble AMS?

During this 30-minute webinar, we share why current Nimble AMS clients feel they made the right choice. And find out the top 5 things they love most about Nimble AMS.


What Executive leaders are saying about Nimble AMS

“Earlier this year, we transitioned to a new association management system, Nimble AMS. It’s a robust resource that comes with an app that allows me to access various dashboards at any time, any place. No matter where I’m at, I can track membership numbers, see how many people registered for our annual conference, or view the number of products sold. I’m getting real-time data and no longer need to ping a staff member for these updates.”
Stephanie Mercado

CAE, CEO and Executive Director, National Association for Healthcare Quality, Chicago

Don’t just take it from us.


Take it from one of our customers — we think they're pretty great. See what other associations say about Nimble AMS.

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What's So Great about Nimble AMS?

In this 30-minute webinar, hear from current Nimble AMS clients on the top 5 things they love most about Nimble AMS.

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