For the past two years, associations have been working harder than ever to adjust to disruptions and reimagine member programs and events. But what does the next normal look like?  

Xperience 2022, a virtual event spanning March 21-23, showcased special guests, key industry trends, inspiring stories, networking opportunities, and the latest in product innovation. Hosted by Community Brands, Xperience allowed attendees virtual one-on-one meetings with conference exhibitors, in addition to larger group sessions. The event’s theme was discovering the “next normal” for our industry, organizations, and people. 

At Xperience, Nimble AMS customers and software staff presented their success with the platform and how to best utilize the association management software (AMS) to reach association goals. Nimble AMS featured 15 breakout sessions at Xperience, in addition to multiple demo opportunities and a product roadmap presentation.  

Here are 15 highlights on how associations and Nimble AMS are working together to define the “next normal:”  

1. Becoming a trailblazing organization with ASSH
For the American Society for the Surgery of the Hand (ASSH,) innovation is crucial in its race for relevance. Using Nimble AMS is key to driving and supporting innovation through automations, data integration, data population, and pre-filling form information. Pamm Schroeder, Deputy Executive Vice President, and Jake Adler, Chief Technology Officer, offered countless examples of how embracing Nimble AMS and Salesforce can help associations blaze trails, while still offering the best member experience. 

2. Best practices for Nimble AMS administrators
This Nimble AMS best practice session was the perfect choice for any new administrator. Rachel Seratte led the session, teaching administrators what to expect in their new role and how to use Nimble AMS to get the job done. Attendees left the session with a clear overview of their administrator roles and with tips on how to move their association forward with Nimble AMS. 

3. Customer success story: Auto-renewing membership with MSTA
The Missouri State Teacher Association (MSTA) shared an inspiring story on how they used Nimble AMS to re-engage members to sign up for auto-renewing memberships. During COVID-19 and in the wake of early teacher retirements, Matt Walker, Director of IT, explained that MSTA’s retention rate was declining. Thankfully, with the help of auto-renewing memberships, the retention rate is back on the rise. Auto-renewal is a win-win for members and associations – the best news is Nimble AMS customers can easily turn on this feature for members in their Community Hub.  

4. 20 apps Nimble AMS customers love
Your association can learn to maximize the power of Nimble AMS and Salesforce with over 5,000 prebuilt solutions from the Salesforce AppExchange. Customers love working with form-building apps like Form Stack, Form Assembly, Form Titan, and 123 Form Builder. If your association is looking for a backup solution, you might be interested in Cloud Ally or Own Backup. Other customer favorites that assist staff in job efficiency include Survey Monkey, Phone2Action, Mass Mailer, Slack, Aircall CTI, and All Aboard. 

5. Customer success story: Increasing member retention with IACP
The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) leveraged Nimble AMS and predictive analytics to increase its member retention numbers. Predictive analytics helped IACP to streamline segmentation, uncover member insights, turn insights into action, and offer continuous association improvement. Because of predictive analytics, IACP saw a dramatic improvement in its member retention rates.  

6. Nimble predictions: How to build your predictive program
During this breakout session, Matt Rist and Ryan Stark explained the importance of predictive analytics in AMS. Predictive analytics help to reduce staff work time, anticipate member behavior, and offer targeted actions to increase member engagement. Best practices for predictive analytics include having an aim in mind for your association and using SMART goals to achieve a predefined outcome. For example, your association might use predictive analytics to improve member retention rates by 5% during the renewal period. 

7. How to increase revenue with the best storefront in Nimble AMS
In this breakout session, Nimble AMS, the Ceramic Arts Network (CAN), and the American Ceramic Society (ACerS), shared how their associations reimagined the buying experience for their members and customers. One of their key strategies for driving non-due revenue was utilizing the Lightning Store platform to engage customers and provide quick and intuitive website responses. CAN and ACerS also established a trial membership model, completely supported by the Lightning Store, to increase association revenue.  

8. Digital engagement strategies for 2022 and beyond
To stay relevant in the current digital environment, your association needs strategies to truly engage your members. This session displayed digital strategies to help you grow your membership, personalize your member experience, and connect members. Adam Carey and Ryan Stark highlighted the many functionalities of Nimble AMS, like applying Nimble Communities, Nimble Chapters, Nimble Create, and the software integration with Pathable, which lets your association leverage virtual events. 

9. MyTrailhead for you and your members
When faced with the challenge of onboarding new volunteers, the United States Institute of Theater Technology (USITT,) turned to myTrailhead to streamline the orientation process. USITT chose myTrailhead because it’s an easy-to-use online learning management system, perfect for any association’s needs. Staff first began designing learning modules for the association’s Board of Directors — they soon plan to implement myTrailhead for training special councils and committees. 

10. Riding the wave of Nimble AMS releases
Each year, Nimble AMS releases three new software upgrades. This can be a great deal of product innovation and functionality for your association to learn and adapt. During her session, Sapna Bhat, Nimble AMS Product Manager, presented some exciting features customers can readily access in Nimble AMS. In short, these product updates help associations maximize their ROI, improve their member experiences, streamline processes, integrate systems, and switch to simple payments.  

11. The future of associations: AI for everyone
Industry research indicates associations continue to be slow at adopting AI. However, the benefits of adopting AI for your association are myriad. Logan Heaney and Scott Sales outlined the rewards of adding AI — including a 25% association revenue increase, reduced strain on association staff, and dramatically improved membership experience.  

12. Unlocking the power of reports and dashboards
Nimble AMS customers can leverage Reports to make your association staff more data-driven and efficient. Presenters Dave O’Connell and Ajaypal Singh covered the intricacies of basic and advanced reporting options, how to create and edit report types and how to create and harness the power of Dashboards. Establishing best practices within your association is also crucial when training your staff in Nimble AMS reporting and dashboard functions.  

13. Nimble AMS and Community Brands: The power couple of connected solutions
Using connected solutions can benefit your association by saving you time and money. Jake Juby and Ryan Stark explained how connected solutions can help you transform the member experience, supporting your members to thrive and your organization to grow. This session highlighted the success of connected solutions with software like Pathable, YM Careers, and Crowd Wisdom. 

14. Work smarter not harder with Salesforce flows
Adam Carey, Sr. Director of Nimble AMS Client Services, spoke on the power of Flow Builder. With Flow Builder on your side, you have the most powerful tool a Salesforce administrator can have at their disposal, giving you powers close to a developer. You can use Flow Builder for any automation, and the opportunities for Flow continue to grow with each Salesforce and Nimble AMS release. 

15. Optimizing the power of CRM
Nimble AMS is built on Salesforce, the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. In their breakout session, Steve Werner and Collier Faubion explained how Nimble AMS takes Salesforce to the next level, optimizing the software for associations and extending the functionality with clouds. With AppExchange your staff has additional access to over 5,000 prebuilt options to help you streamline member processes and optimize efficiency.  

Thank you to the Nimble AMS customers and staff who took the time to share their success stories and helpful tips with attendees at Xperience 2022. Your vision and preparation for the “next normal” is innovative and inspiring to all associations. For those of you who didn’t make it to Xperience ‘22 — we hope to see you #neXt year!

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