3 Reasons Associations Should Get Excited About Salesforce.com

As Nimble AMS prepares for this year’s ASAE Annual show in August in St. Louis, we are once again looking forward to gathering with associations for this great learning opportunity and are excited about bringing Salesforce to associations.
In addition to the many benefits of Salesforce.com CRM configured for association needs, we think there are three “wow” factors that associations should get excited about:

Extend with AppExchange: You’ve heard the saying, “There’s an app for that,” a catchphrase now trademarked by Apple. Sesame street even wrote a song about it so preschoolers everywhere know about apps too. Apps can accomplish any number of things to help you do something better, to add functionality or as those of us who know of “Angry Birds” sometimes an app is just there to entertain you.  Beyond the obvious benefits and cost savings of cloud computing, the App Exchange offers opportunities for Associations to think bigger. What are you doing now that an app could streamline or help you do better? Every function and task from email marketing to contract management to recruiting is covered by thousands of apps and services. The possibilities to streamline other areas of your association are endless.

Chatter Makes You Efficient: Collaborate with people in your association in a real-time, private and secure way.You can share status updates, documents and see activity updates, much like Facebook and Twitter. You can share documents and more so that the information you need to know is served up in an easy to follow way. Passively keep track of people and activities happening in your association through feeds right within your CRM and keep a pulse on new member joins, current member activities and what your staff is working on.

Chatter plus Radian 6: In March of this year, Salesforce.com acquired social CRM vendor Radian 6. Radian 6 is social media monitoring platform used by more than half of Fortune 100 companies to monitor, analyze and engage in social media conversations. The addition of Radian 6 means big things for Salesforce users, “”Radian6 adds huge value to Salesforce.com by delivering the public, social web across all our products,” CEO Marc Benioff said in a statement. “Giving customers the social intelligence they want with the business context they need will further differentiate our products and accelerate our growth.”
How can Radian 6 technology help you? It helps you monitor all that is happening within Social media and listen to your members’:

  • Compliments
  • Complaints
  • Conversations
  • Needs
  • Hot Topics/Buzz
  • Influencers
  • Issues (Crisis Management)
  • & more

Historically used by big organizations like KodakDiscoverPepsiLorealAmerican Red Cross and others, the addition of this social listening capability would create a system more powerful than any traditional AMS on the market and make it all within reach of associations.
We think all of this is pretty exciting and opens doors for associations looking to go beyond pure member management…… “There’s Salesforce for that.”

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