A Fun-Sized Thanksgiving

Oh, the weather outside is frightful — 11 inches of snow, to be exact — but even that couldn’t stop us from getting together for our annual Thanksgiving potluck! The Thanksgiving potluck is one of our favorite NimbleUser traditions. Just like a big family, we gather around for lunch and laughter (then remain in a #FoodComa for the remainder of the day).

To shake things up, Mike Baszto, our Support Analyst (and Potluck Specialist), suggested that we have a Tiny Thanksgiving Potluck. And just what is a “Tiny Potluck”, you ask? Great question. After all, there is never anything small about a Thanksgiving meal or a potluck.
A Tiny Potluck consists only of bite-sized foods or finger foods. Think of it as turning every piece of a Thanksgiving dinner into hand-passed appetizers. I personally love tiny versions of anything (looking at you, mini Frappuccinos) and a good appetizer spread, so the thought of all of this made me very happy.
Imagining Thanksgiving dinner in this form was a little difficult at first, but as always, the NimbleUser team was up to the challenge. With a little creativity and innovation, we had a complete Thanksgiving meal in tiny form. It included everything from mini stuffing muffins to mini green bean casserole bites and everything in between. We chased all of it down with mini caramel apple mimosas served in mini martini glasses. It was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday week!

Happy Thanksgiving from the NimbleUser Team!

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