Aluminum Foil – The Future of Association Technology

The Accidental Discovery

Our team’s discovery of the true power of foil was the result multi-year effort to boost the performance of association staff and the software that they use.

Our initial foray into advanced foil technology, the Tin Foil Hat, proved to be ineffective. Like most world changing discoveries, our eureka moment was accidental. “An office prank where one of our developer’s entire workstation, computer, floor mat, feet AND head were wrapped in tin foil turned out to be the magic moment,“ related Noel Shatananda, NimbleUser’s Director, Product Architecture & Development.

The second the developer “put on the foil” and started working at his workstation he knew something was dramatically different. “My hands moved quicker than ever before – I wore out my keyboard in two hours due to the velocity of my typing,” noted NimbleUser Senior Engineer, Jake Juby. The positive effects were also noticed with any software that was being used from the foiled workstation; faster page refreshes and data was instantly returned from even the largest queries.

​“Nimble AMS is built on the Salesforce App Cloud, which already has a ludicrously high performance envelope, but even that system ran faster.”
-Jake Juby, NimbleUser Senior Engineer  

Release Process and Preparation

FAPI will be part of the Nimble AMS Spring 17 release. FAPI consists of a kit that will be provided to every Nimble AMS client at no additional charge (all of our upgrades are cost and pain free).
Be aware there are certain preparations that your association should start now:

  1. Purchase additional hardware.  A good rule of thumb is 2-3 new mice and keyboards per day will be required. We are researching the effects of foil on the duty cycle of other hardware as well.
  2. Que up lots of extra work.  FAPI will increase your staff productivity by 500% so your team will now get more done in a day they used to do in an entire year.
  3. ​Procure high quality sunglasses for all staff.  When all staff are foiled, there will be a significant increase in brightness in the office.

500% Increase in Staff Productivity

500% Increase in Staff Productivity

​But Wait there is More

As part of our FAPI launch, we will be rolling out FaaS (Foil as a Service). FaaS, like Nimble AMS and Salesforce, brings the power and scalability of advanced technology without a heavy maintenance cost. In addition (when paired with the Nimble Drone Foil Delivery System), your staff and members can access world class Nimble Foil from anywhere at any time. With FaaS, your foil will always be fresh and shiny (see our no-tarnish SLA for details).

Nimble Drone Foil Delivery System

The Future’s So Bright You Have to Wear Foil!

FAPI and FaaS are the latest in a long line of innovations that NimbleUser has brought to the association community. While Innovation does have a dark side (See Nimble AMS Spokesmodel Reveals the Dark Side of Innovation), the positives greatly outweigh any negatives.

“From SaaS, PaaS, and now to FaaS – our commitment to deliver world class innovation to associations is part and parcel of NimbleUser.”
-Joe Klimek, NimbleUser President

Jake Juby Foiled Up

Jake Juby – Foiled Up and 500% More Productive

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