Do you ever feel like you are trapped in a time warp with some of the technology used in your association?  If so, it is very possible that your Association Management System (AMS) is a Dinosaur.

Merriam-Webster definition of a dinosaur ​

“A person or thing that is outdated or has become obsolete 
because of failure to adapt to changing circumstances.”
Having worked in association technology for over 20 years I am a bit of a dinosaur in my own right. Here are my top 7 warning signs that your AMS may be a dinosaur:

  1. You need to install something on the ‘desktop’ (perhaps even by going machine to machine to do that).  In this post-mesozoic era your AMS really should be in the cloud.
  2. It requires that you use Internet Explorer.  Hard to believe but there are still systems that force the user to slow down and fire up one dinosaur to use another dinosaur.
  3. You dread the upgrade process and you know there will be problems, downtime and angst.  It is going to keep you up at night just worrying about it.
  4. The upgrade process hurts your organization’s pocketbook – each upgrade costs your organization cold hard cash and there are intangible costs as well such as lost productivity and lost confidence in the system.
  5. You find yourself having to repeatedly defend the AMS from the users who dislike it so much they often use the “H” word (hate) when discussing it.  Or even worse; one IT manager at an association that just moved from a dinosaur AMS noted “My users hated ME”.  
  6. You have to contact the AMS manufacturer to create or customize reports (and they in turn charge you for the work) because there is no inherent functionality to do that in the system.
  7. And… from my Apple Fan Boy side:  it does not work on a Mac.

If your AMS exhibits any of the above (and especially if it exhibits more than one) you may need to dismount that dead horse and evolve into something more Nimble!