How to approach your association’s board for a new tech investment

You know it’s time for new association management software (AMS). Now it’s time to get board approval. 

Here’s how to make sure your pitch for new tech appeals to individual board member’s roles and concerns. 

It’s time for new association management software for your organization. You know it. Others at your association know it. But before you can move ahead in your search, evaluation, purchase, and implementation of new technology, you still need one thing: board approval. 

Gaining board approval for a new technology investment requires you to make a strong business case. This business case requires a review of the goals and challenges your organization faces as well as the potential benefits a new software solution can provide. 

Targeting your message for board approval
Within the business case, you can refine your messaging so that it appeals to each board member’s role and/or area of expertise. Here are some examples of areas of board member expertise and how you can speak to them effectively:  

  • Executive – Most of your board members will look at the big picture and need to know how this investment will help the entire organization. So, be sure to include examples of how the new technology will help to create staff efficiencies (for example, through process automation that automates manual processes) and help staff make more informed business decisions (for example, through dashboards and reports). The entire board also wants to work more efficiently and effectively. Let them know that modern technology can help them (not just the organization’s staff) in this area. For example, explain how online community functionality can help them.  With it, you can set up an online community group just for board members so they can:
    • Connect with each other, share updates, and make decisions
    • Share documents, such as meeting minute
    • Share feedback with each other on important issues affecting the organization
  • IT – The IT professionals on your board are focused on minimizing risk and ensuring compliance. Let them know how new technology can help your organization keep member information secure and backed up while helping the organization comply with data privacy regulations. Also, let them know that by using modern AMS technology delivers continuous upgrades and ensures your association will be on the same version of the product as everyone else, so your organization will always have the latest technology with painless upgrades.
  • Finance – No surprise here: The finance professionals on your board are focused on numbers. To speak to their concerns, talk about how new technology can help you increase revenue through activities such as:
    • A dynamic, personalized e-commerce experience through flexible payments, cross-sell, and special offers  
    • Smart event management systems to keep non-dues revenue flowing in 
    • An online store selling products (such as continuing education courses or branded merchandise) and sponsorships

Also, let them know that a modern AMS system will give you accurate reporting and dashboards so you can properly report numbers to the board. And, that you will have proper accounting functionality that meets FASB regulations and PCI compliance. Plus, a modern cloud-based AMS system can reduce the total cost of ownership and simplify budgeting because software fees are paid annually and upgrades are included in the price of the software (no periodic added fees for technology updates). 

  • Membership – The membership professionals on your board are focused on ensuring your organization is well-positioned to recruit, engage, and retain members. Show them how new technology can help the organization to:
    • Identify membership trends and make data-driven decisions using easy-to-use dashboards and reports  
    • Engage members year round via an online community  
    • Use modern technology, including predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to predict member behavior and provide more a proactive and personalized member experience    

Next Steps
To win over your board you need the right AMS with the features, functionality, and value to deliver strong financial results. Don’t wait till membership hits an all-time low because of poor member engagement or difficult renewal processes for staff to manage. Let us show you how Nimble AMS can help your organization (and your board!) support its goals, address its challenges, and ultimately provide a member experience that attracts members and keeps them around long term. 

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