Apps for your AMS are like presents for your association!

The holiday season is upon us once again.  The holidays bring lots of giving, sharing, and seeing the faces light up as they unwrap their wonderful presents.  That made me ponder, in a holiday season of giving, what types of presents would your association like or want to receive?

Associations do so many things.  These things can vary tremendously for the industry that the association represents.  The only common thread for all associations is that they use some form of an AMS (association management system).  So lets think of presents for your association’s AMS.  What would be the perfect gift for your AMS and the staff that would be using it?
Where do you begin to look for gifts for an association’ AMS?  Why an app store silly!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if your AMS had a marketplace of a thousand plus apps that could extend the functionality of your system?  You get that with Nimble AMS!  Because Nimble AMS is powered by and built on the platform, you get access to all of the fabulous apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Each app is a possible present for you association.  It could be a free app that lets you display a map in your AMS for members addresses.  Or maybe a paid app that lets you develop reports for Nimble AMS and Salesforce using Crystal.  There are so many to choose from. ​
Just like with your smart phone and tablet, the AppExchange provides an easy to use site where you can find the right app for your association.  Using the AppExchange you can search to find the apps you need as well as view comments and ratings to help add your evaluation.  Each app you add on to Nimble AMS and Salesforce makes your system a little more personalize and a lot more productive for your association’s staff.
Can your AMS offer presents like that?

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