Are Cloud Computing Security Fears Holding Your Association Back?

“I am Worried about Storing my Data in the Cloud”


Often people tell me that they are very concerned about security when their data is in the cloud.  My response is that by moving to the cloud most organizations will be significantly more secure.

Today’s established cloud providers (Salesforce, Google, etc.) are compliant with numerous security regulations, such as HIPAA, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS.    For example, if your organization use Google Apps, your email and documents are SAS 70 II compliant - an extremely high level of security (and it comes in at only $50/user/year).


Salesforce (on which Nimble AMS is built on) is ISO 27001 Certified – it meets a very stringent set of standards that contains 11 domains including security policy, asset management and compliance.   ​

Bottom Line:  Established cloud providers spend far more on security and can afford to employ greater security expertise than than almost any non-profit / Association.

Get Started – Try this Baby Step today

The Genie has let cloud computing out of its bottle and it will not be going back in.  Take a baby cloud computing step today. If you are like our customers (and us), you will never go back either.  Google Apps is a no-brainer first step for non-profits; an established , highly secure technology used by millions of organizations every day.

Get started with Google Apps at - if you are a 501C3 Google will grant your organization this amazing product for free.  Start by using it for shared documents and, when ready, move your email over.

Google Apps will get you started ‘walking the cloud walk’.  When you are ready to run, contact us to move your Association Management Software to the cloud.  We will see you there!

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