ASAE Technology Conference & Expo Game Changer!

Now that the ASAE Technology Conference & Expo is over and you are back in the office, the first thing your boss or others in your office will ask … “What did you learn?”
In other words, what great or revolutionary take aways do you have from the conference that we can immediately benefit from or that we can begin to build a strategy for in 2012.  They want to learn if there was any breathtaking game changers that can help lead the association into 2012. 
The definition of game changing is, “completely changing the way that something is done, thought about, or made”.  I can say that the only thing I saw at the conference that was game changing was Chatter.  Chatter is your own association’s private social network and it is a standard feature in Nimble AMS (fueled by 
“ Salesforce Chatter on my iPad allows me to easily collaborate with our employees at a speed never before possible.” — Michael Chasen – President and CEO – Blackboard, Inc.
Why is Chatter a game changer for your association?

  • Collaborating at work is as easy as using Facebook.  Now your staff can stay connected with what is happening at the association with real-time updates.  Staff can create profiles, groups, and post what’s happening now.
  • Nimble AMS collaboration.  Stay on top of what’s happening at your association with real-time updates directly from your AMS (association management software).  Receive feed updates on association statistics, member activities, opportunities (membership, donor, sponsorship, advertising, exhibiting, etc.), important documents, or even business workflow with approvals.
  • Feel the pulse of the association anywhere.  Chatter apps already exist for your smart phones and tablets.  So it is now easier than ever for association staff to to collaborate and stay connected when out of the office and on the road.
  • Association data shift – Implementing Chatter changes how the association staff can have access to relevant information.  Chatter shifts an association from being static report and query driven to real-time and feed driven.  This increases productivity, visibility, and responsiveness.

Chatter alone is a game changing shift for association.  When Chatter at its core is fueled by your AMS (Nimble AMS), that is down right revolutionary.  Associations that sat down for a demo of Nimble AMS and Chatter at the conference were stunned by the depth and breath of Chatter’s features and how these features can change how their association operates. 
Can your AMS do that?

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