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Write Better Apex With CodeScan

How do you rate? CodeScan plugs into the truly excellent and free SonarQube server. The package applies a set of quality rules. When a rule is broken, SonarQube creates an issue that can be assigned and resolved (or marked “Won’t Fix”). Through the...
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Bitbucket Pipelines (Beta)

Running development builds continuously is de rigeur for most software teams now (65% the survey says).​Since the mainstay of development builds is pulling code from development source code repositories, Atlasssian is making a play for simplifying the process with a...
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Roastr for Coffee Readiness

NimbleUser today introduced its 63rd Chrome Extension, Roastr, which uses the Internet of Things to track coffee readiness.​The extension works with a wifi-enabled scale attached to the bottom of the NimbleUser coffee dispensers. The extension displays the volume of...
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