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Read Me First

Many moons ago, I set out a “Read Me First” list for software developers. I’d now like to revise the list to include Jeff Sutherland’s new book “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time.”I’ve been an agile...
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Customizing Salesforce Help

Salesforce Help Options What are your alternatives for customizing Salesforce help?One of the marvels of working with Salesforce is the seamless way customizations blend together on the platform. From the user’s perspective, custom capabilities and...
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GUS: The Atlassian Way

In real life, getting the initial release of a software product out-the-door is the easy part. The real work is growing the product, release after release, year after year. Maintaining a software product in the wild means: tracking change requests, development tasks,...
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