Being Different Can Be Awesome!


Jeff Golembiewski

February 3, 2012

I recently had a conversation with an association executive in DC where he asked, “how is Nimble AMS different from other AMS offerings on the market.”  I thought it was a great question and one that I was excited to answer.  At a high level there are two major fundamental and architectural differences that Nimble AMS provides that no other AMS can get even close to … a stunningly flexible platform that from the ground up is focused on social collaboration.


  • Customize – The Salesforce platform that Nimble AMS is built on is extremely flexible and extensible.  The platform is also very easy to use allowing associations to add new fields and objects as well as simple drag and drop design wizards to help design unique page layouts for your AMS data.
  • AppExchange – Nimble AMS customers have access to the 1,000+ apps to extend the product on the AppExchange. platform, which Nimble AMS is built on, provides the benefits and extensibility to add on additional reporting tools (Conga Merge), Google Maps, or even gamification (Nitro for Salesforce).  These types of apps can really amp up the volume of your AMS.
  • Mobile – Nimble AMS customers can access their constituent information via a wide range of devices.  There are out of the box apps for Salesforce and Chatter that run on your smart phones (iPhone) and tablets (iPads) in addition to the traditional cloud-based application that can be accessed from any browser.  Nimble AMS also provides constituent based mobile apps for members and events.
  • Releases – No costly upgrades to get to the latest AMS release.  Salesforce releases upgrades to the platform 3 times a year (Spring, Summer and Winter).  These upgrades are completed globally where everyone using Salesforce is upgraded at the same time.  Each release is loaded with powerful new features and enhancements.  That means, Nimble AMS is leveraged to take advantage of and maximize gains from each new Salesforce release.  Gone are the days of being versions and versions behind the latest software release for your AMS.  Your association will always be on the most current Salesforce release available.


  • Networks – As more and more members and constituents are on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube, etc., you need to have easy access to that critical data.  The feeds, the demographics, the information they provide gives you better insight and customer service for the individual or company you are affiliated with.  Nimble AMS has real-time integration with the leading social networks so at the click of an icon you can see the real-time social network data without ever having to leave Nimble AMS.
  • Chatter – Nimble AMS blended with Chatter is truly stunning.  It is a game changer that no other AMS has.  The concept of Chatter is an internal social network for your association.  This feature enhances the traditional AMS reporting model by adding the more modern feed aspects found in Facebook and Twitter.  Your AMS is actively posting customizable feeds about association KPI and information. Staff and collaborators (which could extend out to your members if you would like) are posting feeds about their current needs, accomplishments, and hurdles.  Through Nimble AMS Chatter feeds you are more in touch and up to speed on the pulse and movement of the association.  All of this activity leads to a better, more informed team.
Having an AMS built on an extensible platform is a goal for every association.  Having an AMS designed with social collaboration at its core is a dream that most association’s never imagined possible.  These are significant differences that can change the culture and environment of an association.  Nimble AMS helps associations live the nimble life.

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