5 tips to boost volunteer recognition at your association

April was National Volunteer Appreciation Month. Did your association recognize your member volunteers for their service? Don’t stop volunteer appreciation events after April—continue celebrating your member volunteers all year long! 
Read our blog to discover how Nimble AMS and Community Brands made volunteer recognition a central initiative with the 2023 Volunteer IMPACT Awards. And learn more tips to boost volunteer appreciation at your association   

Why volunteer recognition is important for your association  

Volunteer recognition is vital at your organization because it ensures your member volunteers feel acknowledged and appreciated for their service. When your volunteers feel appreciated, they’re more likely to invest in your organization, saving your staff time and resources. When you thank your volunteers routinely, you maximize retention in your volunteer program, making it more likely your members will continue serving.  

Volunteer appreciation tips for your association’s volunteer program

You can easily celebrate your volunteers year-round by following these suggestions:  

  1. Thank your member volunteers with personalized handwritten notes.
  2. Leverage your social media and online community platforms to post pictures of your volunteers’ projects and updates about your volunteer program. 
  3. Celebrate your member volunteers by organizing a special event to recognize their dedication to your mission and the entire association.
  4. Offer a variety of perks to thank your member volunteers with discount coupons for membership, early event registration options, and mentorship opportunities.
  5. Celebrate your volunteers by awarding them for their extraordinary volunteerism—try creating awards to recognize your volunteers’ contributions to your association and community.  

What is the Community Brands Volunteer IMPACT Awards Program? 

Nimble AMS and Community Brands have honored the “Year of the Volunteer” by boosting volunteer appreciation efforts and recognizing member volunteers with their Volunteer IMPACT Awards.

The initiative encouraged associations to highlight stories of successful volunteer events, volunteer programs, or goals during the past year. Associations could then submit volunteer stories to the IMPACT Awards Program. After, Community Brands selected several IMPACT Program entries as the Most Impactful Volunteers of 2023.  

One award winner, The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law (The Foundation), leveraged Nimble AMS and Nimble Communities to better engage members. Specifically, the Young Professionals Committee greatly increased member engagement by using Nimble Communities.

The Young Professionals member volunteers use Nimble Communities to raise awareness about volunteer opportunities at The Foundation. Members of the Young Professionals Committee are dedicated to boosting member connections and hosting a Young Professional Special Institute, a mentor/mentee program, and webinars on career development.

Are you interested in learning about the other winners of the Community Brands Volunteer IMPACT Awards? You can see all of the winners here.

More strategies to enhance volunteer recognition

Member volunteers are vital to the success of your organization. Discover even more ways to boost volunteer recognition when you read our infographic: Empower your volunteers with clear goals and powerful metrics.

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