Cathy Johnson: Living the Nimble Life Since 2012

Cathy Johnson

This week, Cathy Johnson celebrated her 5 year Nimbleversary! As a Senior Consultant, Cathy is responsible for conducting AMS business requirement analysis, project management, ongoing support/maintenance, and end-user/admin training. We’re looking back on Cathy’s 5 years and diving into her love of working with our clients and all the fun she’s had along the way. 

Cathy Johnson with Client

What is your current role at NimbleUser?
Senior Consultant

What brought you to NimbleUser? 
I knew Sig and Dawn from my years working with iMIS. VanDamme Associates, as we were known back then, was a well-respected leader in the iMIS world and well known for creating very popular add-ons, like VanGo and Communicate. I met Sig at an iMIS training class and it started my long-term relationship with the VanDammes. I joined as an employee five years ago.

How has your role changed since your first day at NimbleUser?
My role really hasn’t changed much, but oh boy, has just about everything else changed! We’ve grown so much in terms of people, clients, our product–you name it! When I started, we had not yet launched a single Nimble AMS client.

What is your favorite part about your role?
Hands down, it’s working with clients. I really enjoy learning about what our clients do for their members, helping to solve the issues they face, and making their use of technology more productive. I love the variety and challenges.

What is your favorite NimbleUser tradition?
The saltine challenge is kind of fun though I’m terrible at it! I think I’ll just be a spectator for all future challenges.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I love being out in nature. We do a lot of hiking in the parks in our area, which are huge, spectacular, and wild.

Of the six NimbleUser core values, which resonates most with you, and why?
Exceed Expectations. That’s always been an essential value for me, including when I was running my own business. I think it’s the essential element for my client’s success and my own long-term satisfaction.

What is the best memory you have of working here?
I can’t pick just one! Two funny highlights that come to mind for me were the launch parties we were invited to by our clients — one had a funeral for their old system and their CEO gave a very funny eulogy and one had the spectre of death kill their old system. Great costumes by both!!

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