Here are some of the more common errors encountered after upgrading to iMIS 15 and their resolution:
Error #1
Error during logon: -2147024809 WSDLReader: XML Parser failed at linenumber 0, lineposition 0, reason is: The system cannot locate the object specified.

  • Reboot the iMIS Application server after the install. You must reboot the Application server after installing iMIS 15.
  • Take a look at your Web Service Extensions in IIS Manager. Make sure the ASP .NET v2.0.50727 extension is set to “Allowed”. After changing this to “Allowed”, restart the IIS Admin service and its dependent services (World Wide Web).
  • Take a look at your iMIS15 virtual directory in IIS Manager. Right click it and go to Properties > ASP.NET. Make sure that it is using .NET 2.0.50727. Then do the same for your iMISPublic virtual directory.
  • Make sure the website where iMIS 15 is installed is running in IIS Manager.

Error #2
“OdbcSQL/31 18456 – Logon error – not a valid Logon or Password”
You may receive this error if you moved an iMIS database to another SQL Server before running the iMIS 15 upgrade. If this is the case, then running the “Prepare iMIS Database” procedure from the DBRepair Tool usually corrects it.
Error #3
You may receive “Invalid logon or password” when logging in as MANAGER after an upgrade.
The most common cause of this error is not using or knowing the correct MANAGER password.  Since iMIS 15 uses just the MANAGER account for the Admin login and not MANAGER!SA, you must be sure that you know the correct MANAGER password in iMIS 10.6 before upgrading to iMIS 15. Also, the MANAGER password must be at least 6 characters in length.
This information was gleaned from the February/March 2008 ASI Insights newsletter