Customizable Field Layouts Without a Programming Degree


Jeff Golembiewski

November 30, 2011

During the 20 years that I have worked with associations, I have seen the word “customizable” evolve within an AMS (association management system).  When I started working for a DC association in the early 1990s, “customizable” was a set of user definable fields.  You would get 20 text fields, 5 date fields, 5 checkbox fields, etc.  You could not move them around but you could label those fields to your hearts content.  We were over the moon with that ability.  The next big evolution came where we could create our own tables and fields to track our own unique demographics.  There were no limits on the amount of fields.  These customized fields could be configured so they could display as you needed.  But the display had limits.  The standard AMS demographic fields were hard coded and set where the association’s unique fields still had a designated spot where all of the customized data would live.  Evolution takes time.

The evolution is here.  With Nimble AMS, you now get the truly customizable field page layouts every AMS user has dreamed about.  Using the platform, Nimble AMS can offer the a truly tailored page and field layout design that is unique to for your association.  This can all be down without a programming degree.  You get out of the box, easy to use, drag & drop design tools that let you really make Nimble AMS screens efficient for your organization and staff.  Staff with the appropriate security permissions (you may not want everyone changing the page layouts – the database administrator or other key staff is recommended), most pages in Nimble AMS have the ability to customize and edit the page layouts.

The design tools provided by allow an association to truly customize the user experience with Nimble AMS.  The design starts at a high level with the record or member type.  You can create unique page layout designs that are appropriate for the respective record or member type.  The fields and data to be tracked for a company can vary considerably with that needed to track for an individual.  That could be said for members versus non-member.  Each record or member type could be drastically different in layout or they could just be subtle little differences (depending on your association’s needs and business rules).  The great thing is that these design tools allow for that degree of flexibility.
Once the record or member type layouts are established, you can now use simple drag & drop features to customize with the appropriate fields, buttons, links, etc.  The standard demographic fields can be hidden or completely co-mingled with any of the association’s unique demographic fields creating a truly tailored AMS for your association.

Can your AMS do that?

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