Does Your Association Software Resemble Beatrice?

This hilarious Esurance video shows a situation that has parallels to what is happening in the Association Management Software (AMS) world. ​
Beatrice is trying to use old technology to live in today’s world, but as her friend points out “It doesn’t work that way!”.
Comparatively, the old on-premise AMS systems that we have been replacing have little knowledge as to how social media actually works and none of them have any way to easily see what members and constituents are doing with social media.

You Are Talking But Are You Listening?

Most associations at least post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and most even use some basic tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to make that job easier.  These tools are also effective for listening when someone directly references the organization via a hashtag or @ reference.
Those basic social steps are great but how do you tie that to what your members are saying and how can you leverage that to better know your members?

Know Thy Members Better

The modern AMS has a variety of features to help you to know your members better.  For example, here is a screenshot from an account page on Nimble AMS that gives direct insight on a member:

First notice that Tony’s picture is taken directly from LinkedIn.  Next notice how staff can see all relevant social media directly from within Nimble AMS with the click of a button.

In the association technology world, we often talk about a ‘360’ view of a member; in today’s world a good portion of that view needs to encompass what that member is saying on social media.  Just think about how powerful this is to your events coordinator to know that much more on a person she is about to call and ask for a sponsorship.

Social Media should be Part and Parcel of your Association Software

Internal Social Collaboration

One of the many benefits of Nimble AMS is that your staff gets Chatter, an internal social network and collaboration application for the association staff to connect and share information in real-time.  We have seen that use of this tool eliminates information silos and provides member insights (read how Leading Age implemented Chatter and experienced immediate results).

Nimble Communities – The Private Social Collaboration Engine for Your Members

Nimble Communities leverages the Salesforce Communities to to enable rich collaboration between Members, Association Staff, and other constituents. Your association can create fully-branded public or private communities that connect members directly with each other and with relevant content, data and business processes.

To the Moon – Take it to the Next Level

Nimble AMS customers can also take advantage of a variety of fully integrated social listening packages including the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Your association can leverage the huge research and development investments that Salesforce is making ($627M last year alone)!   A good portion of that investment is going to social media.
Salesforce purchased Radian6, Buddy Media and Exact Target / Pardot and they now make up the word class Salesforce Exact Target Marketing Cloud.
Your association can use Radian 6  to build, optimize and automate highly targeted social advertising campaigns that are integrated with your member data.
Your association marketing team can use Buddy Media tools to manage and schedule posts and publish content with social apps — all supported by analytics and insights from Nimble AMS.
For the first time your association can build, optimize and automate highly targeted social advertising campaigns that are fully integrated with your member data.

Be That Association!

Social media is your partner!  Be the association that leverages social media in new and exciting ways for your members. Use it to Showcase the real value your association provides.  Use it to listen to what your constituents are saying and get a pulse on your membership.
Move up from old / Beatrice thinking to be that Association that Leverages the Social CRM / AMS

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