Dreamforce ’17 Insights


​NimbleUser attended Salesforce’s premier conference, Dreamforce, in San Francisco last week. Dreamforce is now considered the worlds largest software conference with over 170,000 attendees and 2,700 sessions! This conference is a great opportunity for us to learn the future direction of Salesforce and how we can harness it to shape our product roadmap to help associations better leverage the power of the Force.com platform.
​It was incredible to experience the positive energy around the conference coming from the worlds most innovative company.  

Here are a few highlights from the conference from our NimbleUser team.
1) The 4th Industrial Revolution is Here: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud computing and other innovations have brought us straight into the 4th industrial revolution. Salesforce’s primary message is that AI is not in the future, it is here now. Salesforce’s AI technology, Einstein, is helping transform how we work by delivering predictions and recommendations to automate responses and actions, making employees more productive, and customers even happier.
2) Innovation Firehose: Salesforce is consistently innovating and Dreamforce 17 was no exception. Einstein, Trailhead and Lightning are a few of the innovative products Salesforce has been working on to revolutionize the CRM industry, and by proxy the non profit and association industry as well. Attending Dreamforce is like drinking from a firehose of information Kool-Aid!
3) Customer First: Salesforce puts their customers at the forefront of everything they do, which echos our own Community Brands philosophy. Every keynote and product announcement included direct customer stories told by the customers themselves. It was empowering to see how other companies are being successful with new Salesforce technology, and is a great way to promote our own Community Brands product innovations. The world has become more social than ever, and hearing and learning from your own peers is a proven model for engagement.
4) Giving Back & Inspiration: Salesforce has a big focus on giving back to the community with its 1-1-1 program. As a result of this program, Dreamforce is also the worlds largest non-profit conference with over 7,000 attendees and more than 30,000 non profits using Salesforce today. In addition, there were inspiring speakers at the conference, such as Michelle Obama, discussing topics like equality in the workplace, and Ashton Kutcher, talking about how he is fighting child trafficking with the help of technology.
In addition to attending, NimbleUser was asked to give two presentations at the conference. Jeff Golembiewski, Director of Product Management, presented on how Salesforce customers can better leverage the platform in a B2C world in a session called Living the Person Account Life. This session helped promote a better approach for supporting B2C organizations, such as many association in our marketplace, as well as debunk fake information used by our platform competitors in the sales process.
Matt Rist, Director of Product Delivery, and Jeff Hube, Sr. Software Engineer, presented to the Salesforce Partner community on the value of Continuous Delivery and how partners can leverage a new platform technology, Salesforce DX, to deliver a better product. Their session called Demystifying Salesforce DX for Partners educated parters on how they can leverage modern software delivery models to increase product value, increase feedback and build a product that delights users.
These are a few highlights from the conference and just the tip of the iceberg of the information shared with Salesforce’s community. If you are interested in learning more about Dreamforce or Salesforce there is a wealth of content available online already at Salesforce.com, and you can find a good summary in We Are All Trailblazers.

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