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The great thing aboout working with SalesForce is the love shared with non-profit organizations. To kick off our DreamForce experience, several hundred non-profit attendeeds were given a special orientation to help us get the most from a week jampacked with sessions and events.
Ten years ago, SalesForce created the Foundation so that support for non-profits would be “woven into the fabric of the company”. A decade later, SalesForce has donated almost 200,000 volunteer hours to over 7,000 charities and non-profits, and awarded over $18 million dollars in grants.
In fact, many of this year’s non-profit attendees were able to join us at Moscone Center in San Francisco because of special pricing made available to non-profits through foundation grants.
For more about the SalesForce.com Foundation, visit www.salesforcefoundation.org. (As a technical note, the foundation website is powered by the new SalesForce sites platform.)
After the orientation, we wandered over the Cloud Expo floor. To steal a catch phrase from the unsinkable Garry Polmateer, the Dreamforce 2009 expo is nothing less than awesome! The floor is jampacked with row after row of partners, each with their own speciality, including financial services, social media, administration, to name a very few.
Here’s one example of out of a thousand: If you’re looking for a shipping extension for SaleForce, one company is offering a 50% discount to non-profits. For $5 a user, you can integrate world-class shipping with your Salesforce database, creating a one-stop ship and shop. If you have one SalesForce user handling your shipping, I’m told that’s a whopping $5/month.
There will be more news from the expo floor, I’m sure. One attraction that I couldn’t get close to was the robot. I don’t know how the robot hooks up to SalesForce, but I’m sure there will at least be a photo op! 

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