eLearning: Mobilize Professional Training for your Association’s Members


Guest Blogger Jill Broikos

September 2, 2014

The need for ongoing professional training presents a significant opportunity for associations to provide valuable benefits to their members. By offering accredited continuing education materials in an online Learning Management System (LMS), associations can effectively and efficiently meet the professional needs of their members.

An LMS is a completely self-contained mobile learning environment. It supports both the learner and the educator by offering a consistent integrated learning experience where
1) groups can easily interact
2) robust content can be generated, presented and customized
3) tests can be securely administered and scored

Connecting members to the collective knowledge and experience of the association helps create a synergy that enhances professional learning and growth for association members.

Why Mobile Learning?

The problem: your members are busy and often have only slivers of time to focus on professional development. The solution: a mobile learning environment that enables members to access and interact with online content independent of their location and device at hand. So whether a member wants to comment on a topic thread on an iPad while waiting in the dentist’s office, or search for a course on a smartphone while the car is being washed, or enroll in a class on a laptop at the airport during a layover, it’s all possible thanks to mobile learning that relies on responsive design. Associations now have a means to consistently deliver individualized learning products including accredited coursework, practical exercises, and searchable reference materials any time and anywhere.

The more an association can disseminate and conduct professional development training online, the more conferences and in-person events can refocus on the bigger industry picture and time-sensitive issues. In a double win, your association becomes more innovative, more dynamic, and more profitable!

If you are thinking about implementing a Learning Management System consider these additional benefits for your association and your members.

Your association will: 

  • increase and retain membership
  • increase revenue by expanding offerings
  • reduce costs associated with traditional PD practices
  • increase access to literature which can be distributed online and available for reference any
  • time.
  • member participation can be tracked and quantified
  • member feedback can be quickly elicited

Your members will be able to:

  • self-register for courses and live events
  • access a wide array of educational materials on demand
  • gain flexibility in scheduling their professional development
  • take advantage of a wider variety of content to suit their learning needs
  • potentially eliminate the need to report to a testing center to participate in a proctored exam

By connecting to your membership via LMS products and services, an association can become an indispensable part of its members’ lives and livelihood. By being technologically more responsive, an association can better address the needs of its membership. By being more efficient with staff and resources, an association can turn cost centers into profit centers!


About Second Avenue Learning2014 Nimblepalooza Sponsor: Founded by educators and gamers, Second Avenue Learning provides custom development and managed services to education technology clients such as Pearson, McGraw-Hill and W.W. Norton. Second Avenue builds effective, interactive learning products, both proprietary and client-facing, that are innovative, pedagogically accurate and visually compelling. Second Avenue applies expertise to innovate the learning process, and understands that technology serves as a critical enabler to achieve fully customized learning environments and unlock the potential of all students. 

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