Employee Spotlight: Beth Farrar


Role: Marketing and HR Manager
Hometown: Spencerport, NY
Favorite Quote: “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”-Don Draper, Mad Men
Nimbler Since: December 2008
What brought you to NimbleUser? 
I had just moved back to the area after living in Providence, RI. I was looking for a Marketing position and had traditionally worked for large companies. The idea of working at a smaller company intrigued me. I really liked the casual vibe when I came in for my interview. 
What’s your favorite part about your role? 
I love that each day holds a great deal of variety. In a smaller company you wear many hats which gives you the opportunity to have so many new experiences and work on different types of things. You also have a great deal of ownership over everything you do. You won’t just create a strategy or plan, you will execute on it too. I enjoy seeing things through from start to finish.
Choose one of NimbleUser’s core values and explain what it means to you.
I think “Be Humble” is a great one. Working in a high-tech field with Software Engineers and Developers, you see deep technical skillsets all around you. I tend to think of myself as the average user so if I don’t understand a technical concept or jargon, the customer likely won’t understand either. I think our Software Engineers, Developers and Consultants do a great job of boiling down a technical issue or topic to it’s most basic form and guiding our customers through the decision process.
How do you think NimbleUser’s culture extends to the client experience?
NimbleUser’s casual culture lends itself to a much more personable approach with our clients. NimbleUser has a work environment that is flexible, family friendly and fun so there isn’t such a harsh division between your personal and professional life. I think this balance allows our employees to be themselves at work and as a result I think our clients have a much more genuine experience with our team. It is nice to be able to develop great working relationships and friendships with our clients.
What do you do when you’re not at work?
I am usually busy chasing around my 2-year old son, Ethan or spending time at home with my husband and Yellow Lab, Rocky. We enjoy taking walks together around our neighborhood.
What’s your favorite office coffee brewing method—drip, French press or Aeropress?
Drip. I just need the coffee. And lots of it.
Overall, what’s the best part of working at NimbleUser?
The best part of working at NimbleUser is the environment. I enjoy being in an environment that is so energetic and focused on continuous improvement. Because technology is always changing, there is no time to get stuck in the old way of doing things. Our culture’s natural tendency is to seek out and explore change.  That tendency is like a current that moves all of us and keeps us headed in the right direction.
What would people never guess you do in your role?
I think people are always surprised to hear that I do marketing and hr in a combined role. I usually tell them it is a great advantage to me because I can really build a brand from the inside out.

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