Favorite ReWork Takeaway – Make a Dent in the Universe


Sig VanDamme

September 23, 2013

Make A Dent In The Universe


As Nimble AMS product manager I have been influenced by 37 Signals since I read their first book Getting Real (basically a great read on The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application).

Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson are the founders of 37Signals and authors of the book ReWork. While there are a lot of things I have gleaned out of it, my favorite takeaway is found on Page 31 titled Make a Dent in the Universe.

If You Are Going To Do Something, Do Something That Matters!


At Nimble AMS, we did not set out to just build yet another Association Management System. On the contrary our goal goes way beyond that.
Quite simply we are out to disrupt the Association Software industry and to destroy the old traditional model that is out there. Nimble AMS is built on the most innovative platform (Salesforce CRM) and is squarely in the cloud. The real cloud. (beware of the false cloud!)

We have re-examined every aspect of association workflow to make it more powerful and easier to use so our customers can achieve their vital mission better than ever before.

Many of our staff have worked in associations. We get what you are trying to do. We have worked tirelessly to make your staff’s life easier by simplifying things like credit card refunds and how you track affiliations.

And we’ve worked just as hard for your constituent’s to make life easier by letting them log into your website with their LinkedIn or Facebook credentials.

Next month when we release Nimble AMS Winter ‘14, we will release more new features that every other AMS package did last year combined. How? By standing on the shoulders of the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce is releasing a ton of new features (release notes), which took over 300 pages to explain in their release notes. We at Nimble AMS are adding our own new features as well. And you can expect this to happen 3 times a year, every single year. Thats making a dent – a huge dent.

What Is Your Association’s Dent?  Can You Make it Bigger?

Every professional and trade association works hard to make a dent.  Can you make a bigger dent?  Check out these additional ReWork chapters for inspiration:

  • Everything is Marketing (See Sig’s recent blog on this).  Page 193.
  • Get more members and extend your association’s reach by emulating drug dealers (yes you read that right – See Jeff’s recent blog on this).  Page 191
  • Focus on You – Instead of They.  Don’t worry where the competition is going next.  Your organization needs to redefine the rules, not just offer somthing similar or slightly better.  Page 148.

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