Four need-to-know tips when it’s time to buy an AMS

When it’s time for your association to purchase new software, you don’t want to cut corners just because you’re eager for new technology. To get the best association management software (AMS) for your member-based organization and ensure you get the best return on your investment, you’ll need to do your research. Investigating the current digital landscape takes effort, but it will ensure your association finds the best software fit.  
We’re here to help you learn more valuable tips to prepare for your next software purchase.

Four tips to help you find the best AMS for your association

Searching for new technology can be a lengthy process for even the most organized association. Follow these important steps to begin your journey:

1. Outline organizational challenges. Before you can purchase new association management software for your association, you’ll need to conceptualize what kind of technology can best meet your needs. How can you accomplish this? By outlining the problems your association is currently facing.

Reflect on your old software and create a strategy for buying new tech by asking the following questions: 

  • Do your staff feel overwhelmed with manual procedures? 
  • Rate your staff’s understanding and use of your current software.  
  • Is your current software user-friendly for members? 
  • Does your tech provide a positive or negative member experience? 
  • Are you looking for specific software solutions like automation, AI, or predictive analytics with your next technology purchase? 

Thinking about your current software will help you better understand your association’s technological needs and prepare you for your next purchase.

2. Consider your financial timeline. As you gain approval from your board, work on an RFP, and secure budgeting, you’ll also need to consider your project timeline. Creating a timeline for your project will help you stay on financial track, ensuring you hit your goals sooner.

As you and your leadership team create your project timeline, be realistic about how quickly you believe you can reach certain milestones. Being practical will help you stay on financial track and reach your goals, and it will help you prepare to work with a new software vendor.

3. Research an AMS vendor. After you have a sense of what technological features your association needs, you can begin the process of researching software vendors. But what qualities and requirements should your association look for in an AMS vendor? A great place to begin is with market research. Investigating current market trends can help to inform what vendor is both an industry leader and fits your organizational needs.

If you feel your association requires additional aid in vendor research, you could consider hiring a professional consultant. Consultants are privy to current digital trends and can work to identify the best AMS for your organizational needs.

4. Consider crucial software integrations. Integration is a must for association management software. As your organization outlines its technological needs, consider what software you need to integrate with your new AMS. Do you need your learning management software to connect to drive an excellent member experience? Or does your organization need to integrate events management or careers software to keep operations running smoothly?  
Look for AMS technology that integrates seamlessly so all records are centralized, eliminating the risk of data silos.   

Discover how to prepare your association for the future by implementing innovative tech

Is your organization ready to start the process of purchasing a new AMS? Watch our on-demand webinar: Your board asked, we answered: Association Management Software FAQ to start preparing your association for the future today!

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