Four tips to make your annual report member-centric

It’s beginning to look a lot like the annual reporting season! Each year your association rushes to collect last-minute data to keep your members and stakeholders updated on your accomplishments. But compiling your annual report doesn’t need to be taxing.   
With innovative association management software (AMS,) your staff can gather crucial member data all year long, streamlining your annual reporting process. With access to user-friendly reports, dashboards, and memberdriven communications, you can transform your annual reporting process, making it member-centric. Here’s how to get started.

Technology tips to elevate your annual reporting process 

Leverage a trailblazing AMS to enhance your staff’s annual report. Look for the following technology options: 

1. User-friendly reports and dashboards  
Choosing an AMS ensures your data will be in one location, not spread across multiple systems or spreadsheets. When your records are in one space, you prevent data silos and the risk that your information is outdated. You can also trust your records, helping your organization become more datadriven to improve your annual reporting process. 
The main benefit of user-friendly reports and dashboards is the visual representation of your data. When you adopt an innovative AMS, staff won’t have to learn a difficult code to build member reports or dashboards. Instead, they’ll quickly gain access to the information they need with a few clicks of a button. All these factors are crucial to a superior annual report.

TECH TIP: Streamline your association’s annual reporting procedure with the Nimble AMS user-friendly report and dashboard builder. With a few clicks, you can build a report or dashboard from your member data to gather crucial records for your next annual report.

2. Member-centric templates 
Look for templates that your staff can easily build with clicks, not code, and options that allow for easy branding and personalization. You’ll want to offer information-rich content to your members to streamline your annual report communication process.  
With membercentric templates, you’ll be able to pull data straight from your AMS into any content. Easily create a year in review summary, donation letters, thank you messages, and more to help staff streamline your annual reporting process.

TECH TIP: When you adopt Nimble AMS, you score the exclusive tool, Nimble Create, to supercharge your next annual report. Leverage Nimble Create to create branded, personalized member content to enhance your annual reporting process.

How to put your members in the front and center of your annual report 

To prioritize your members, you’ll need to implement a member-centric strategy. Do so by focusing on member accomplishments and the state of membership at your association. Here’s how to get started:  

1. Member accomplishments
To highlight member accomplishments at your organization, ask yourself the following questions, how many of your members have: 

  • Completed certification courses? 
  • Enrolled in continuing education or training courses? 
  • Advanced certifications in your field? 
  • Served in association volunteer work?  
  • Worked in advocacy efforts? 
  • High-ranking positions in your industry? 
  • Were promoted over the past year? 
  • Contributed to your fundraising campaigns? 

Think about creative ways to feature member achievements. Ask if any will submit a story or picture to showcase their success. Storytelling is also a powerful tool to engage your stakeholders, especially with compelling images and graphics.

2. The state of membership
Reporting on membership is vital, as it directly reflects on the health of your association. Ask the following questions to ensure you make your annual report member-centric:

  • How many new members joined your organization in the past year? 
  • What is your membership retention rate? 
  • Have there been any membership demographic changes in the past year due to DEI initiatives? 
  • Were members more involved in events this year, or less?  
  • How many members enrolled in professional development, continuing education, or certification compared to last year? 
  • Were more members involved in advocacy efforts? In volunteering? 
  • How many members engaged in your fundraising efforts compared to last year? 
  • What percentage of your members connected in your online community this year versus last year? 

In your annual report, ensure you humanize your data by including interviews or member stories. Add a profile of your youngest member involved in volunteering efforts, or a member who’s been involved in advocacy for twenty years.    

Discover more ways to elevate your association’s annual report

Make your annual report all about your members—ensure your reporting process is streamlined for staff success with a trailblazing AMS. Download our free whitepaper to learn more tips to level up your next annual report!

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