Grasping LastPass from the clutches of Salesforce Remember Me (and Me! and Me!)

Since Spring ’14, LastPass and Salesforce Remember User Name have been at odds. Here’s how to make peace.
Quick fix for Salesforce and LastPass Conflicts

  • In LastPass, edit your Salesforce entry and click Edit Form Fields.
  • Uncheck RememberUn and save your changes.
  • From, select the Saved User Names link, and then click Edit.
  • Click the red X next to each saved user name.
  • From the login form, uncheck the Remember User Name checkbox, and
  • Use LastPass to login as before (yay!)

So long as the Remember User Name checkbox stays clear, you can use LastPass normally.
Be sure that all your Salesforce LastPass entries have RememberUn disabled, otherwise RUN conflicts with LastPass.

Shared LastPass Salesforce entries should also have AutoLogin and Favorite disabled. (Unless the group decided it’s a favorite).

Long Fix …

An unsung feature of Salesforce Spring ’14 is an enhancement to allows multiple logins to be cached by Remember User Name (RUN). If Remember User Name is checked, Salesforce starts a tab, and keeps a list of every username you tap into the well-worn form at Later, you can select a prior username from a list, and Bob’s your uncle! If your session has expired, “all” you need to provide is the corresponding password.

If you are a Salesforce developer working with several customers, or multiple feature orgs, you can easily rack up a list of a dozen orgs in a fortnight. But that’s why we needed it.

RUN is great as far as it goes, but if you have another credential management solution, like, say, LastPass, then LP and RUN can fall into a deadly embrace.

Here’s what goes wrong: LastPass likes to capture the username and password when you fill out the form for the first time. When LP captures the form, it captures all the fields, including the Remember User Name checkbox on the format at Prior to Spring ’14, capturing that field in LP didn’t much matter. Nowadays, having Remember User Name enabled effectively disables LastPass. LP fills out the password for the account you select, and dutifully checks Remember User Name, causing RUN to overwrite the LP username — and the login fails. (As Jed Clampett would say, “Don’t help me, boy!”)

One quick fix is to disable username caching in all the orgs you use (Setup/Security Controls/Session Settings). But if you log into enough orgs for this issue to be a problem, then it may not be practical to disable a Salesforce feature that impacts all the users.
The next best thing is to run through the Quick Fix, to keep RUN from firing.

Other Salesforce/LastPass Pro Tips

  • Disable AutoLogin on any entry.
  • For shared accounts, enable Favorite only if everyone agrees its a favorite.
  • For data integrations, you can bypass security tokens by adding the appropriate servers to the Network Access list.
  • Use the entry Notes field to log the org Id, and other quick reference details.
  • The Notes field is a convenient, secure place to share goodies like private package URLs.
  • Include synonyms in the Name or Notes field. For example, rather than choosing between “Beta” or “Test”, refer to the “Beta Test” org instead. ​

Ted Husted is a release engineer for Nimble AMS. “It’s my job to make sure that we ship everything that’s done, but not before its ready.” ​

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