A step-by-step guide to boosting member engagement in 2023

Is your association looking to boost member engagement in the new year? You’re not alone! The Community Brands Association Trends Study found that 90% of association professionals identify developing or improving engagement opportunities for their members as a top priority. 
To increase member connection and loyalty in your organization in 2023, you’ll want to prepare your member engagement strategy today. We’re here to help your association take its member engagement to the next level with four valuable tips.

Four key ways to prepare your association’s member engagement strategy for 2023

1. Events 
Is your association leveraging events as an essential member benefit? To drive member engagement, you’ll want to ensure your events are aligned with current member interests and values.  
Consider conducting routine surveys to guarantee your programs are delivering what your members want and to determine whether your events meet your members’ needs. You can also leverage your association management software (AMS) to see which events drive member participation or other means of support, like sponsorships and advertisements.

TECH TIP: Nimble AMS improves member engagement reporting with Person Accounts so your association staff can view organization and individual-level members in a unified location. Person Accounts work to streamline reporting by allowing staff to view a member who spoke at an event, attended a webinar, or purchased a sponsorship and elevating your entire member engagement strategy.

2. Online community 
Your members want to engage virtually. Community Brands research found that the number one reason members join associations is to network, and the sixth is to socialize. 
To boost member engagement in your online community platform, consider empowering staff as thought leaders to provide crucial insights into the member experience. You can also elevate membership roles in your virtual community, allowing members to lead in moderator and ambassador positions. Ultimately, investing in a quality online community platform, and implementing a thoughtful virtual strategy will drive member engagement.

TECH TIP: The Nimble AMS online community platform, Nimble Communities, takes member engagement to the next level. Choose Nimble Communities to provide a safe space for members to socialize and network, while driving member retention and engagement.

3. Career development  
How much do you prioritize your members’ career advancement? According to Community Brands research, association professionals currently underestimate the value of job opportunities, career advancement, and certification and training options.  
Member feedback shows that the fourth reason people join associations is to get help with their careers. Stand out from other associations when you invest in your members’ careers. Your organization can drive a deeper connection with your members when you offer a career advancement program, a job board, mentoring opportunities, and training options.

TECH TIP: Boost member engagement and add value to the member experience when you integrate Nimble AMS with Community Brands software, YM Careers. With the powerful combination of Nimble AMS and YM Careers, you can transform your association’s member engagement strategy.

4. Volunteer and advocacy opportunities 
To increase member engagement at your association, ensure your members have many opportunities to volunteer and advocate for your organization and industry. Members like to volunteer or advocate for both personal and professional reasons, so having many opportunities readily available will quickly build engagement with your organization.  
Association staff can also foster member retention and engagement by creating meaningful connections with volunteers and advocates. Go out of your way to show your appreciation for their work. Highlight these efforts on your social media and in your online member community. When you create connections with your members and show you care, you’ll drive stronger member engagement. 

Learn more about maximizing member engagement at your association

If you’re looking for more tips to prepare your member engagement strategy for 2023, check out our guide to learn 7 tips to strengthen your member engagement strategy!

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