My mac went in for repairs this week.  Which stinks.  I had to get a loaner mac, which wasn’t set up like I had my machine.  I was anticipating hours getting the loaner configured with everything I needed.  

Your computer is something very personal and customized exactly to your needs.  We spend countless hours over the history of our machines making tweaks, adjusting preferences, updating software.  You won’t find 2 computers that are alike at NimbleUser.

But … as I started to get the loaner set up I realize this isn’t so bad after all.  It didn’t take me hours to get things set up.  It took just a matter of minutes thanks to the power of the cloud.  Here are a few services that made it easy for me to hit the ground running with the loaner mac.

  • Google Apps – Calendar, Mail, Drive, Docs, the works…
  • Salesforce
  • Lastpass
  • Chrome
  • Dropbox
  • iCloud
  • Jira
  • Git & Bitbucket
  • Lucid Chart
  • Instapaper
  • Basecamp
  • Evernote
  • Google Reader (Damn….)

I’m sure I’m missing a few, but thanks to these cloud services I was up and working quickly.  And on top of that I really didn’t lose any data in the process.  

I love cloud computing.

On top of that there is nothing like having a well prepared IT group.  Our IT Nimblers, Dave and Rob, helped make the process even smoother.  They had a loaner mac ready to go right away which was already hooked up to our network, printers and had all the basic applications most of us use on a daily basis.  Without this I might have been without a computer to use for a while.  And it would have thrown a kink into their already busy schedule.  

So what traditionally is a painful process of losing your PC for a while ended up being a great example of how a well prepared IT group and cloud computing got me back up and working with in minutes.
Hooray Cloud!!

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