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Jeff Golembiewski

January 17, 2013


Everyday I am showing association executives the amazing features and functionality that come with Nimble AMS and Salesforce.  And I never get tired of seeing their mouths drop open in amazement (such as seeing the picture of the hovering cat) or hearing them talk about how much more productive their staff will be with our product.

I was reminded of one of my favorite features this week when a prospect said “That is so cool!”  It is the “hover” feature you can see throughout Nimble AMS.  When you hover your mouse over a link in the recent items list or in a record detail page, the hover details display an interactive overlay containing customized information about a record.  This is an easy and powerful feature that you will see and have access to throughout Nimble AMS.  You see a link … you hover … you see a wealth of additional information without having to leave the page or record that you are on.  Does anyone hear that increased productivity bell ringing?

Recent Items Hover
Record Detail Link Hover 
You maybe wondering, can this story get even better?  Yes!  The fields and data that are displayed in these different hovers can be completely customized and tailored by you and your association.  We understand that every association is different and you are tracking different demographic fields that mean something to your association and your constituents.  That is why you are empowered to configure these hover displays with the fields and data that make sense for you.  Through simple and easy drag and drop setup, you can quickly make your hovers the talk of your association.  And your association will be in love with hovering!
Record Hover Setup

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