How innovative technology adds brand value to your association

Brand association, or the connection between a brand and a concept, is a vital tool for all organizations. The goal of brand association is to create a positive relationship between your association brand and your members. When you successfully build your brand, your members will feel more connected to your association, driving member engagement and renewal.  

So, does your organization produce positive member feelings? Follow these steps to develop better brand value at your association.

Why innovative technology is vital to creating brand value
To build brand value in your organization, you’ll want to invest in modern technology. Members will judge your association based on the technology you use. Implementing a modern digital landscape can transform the member experience and boost engagement and retention.  

Making the jump to an innovative association management software (AMS) is crucial to building brand value at your organization. “Part of the problem leadership faces when they look at technology, is they examine it through the lens of ‘how will this speed up operations?’” says David Schulman, President of Associations Rewired.  “The real focus should be about providing added value to your members.” 

Here are five ways you can use technology to create a positive association between your members and your organization: 

1. Offer a personalized member experience. Easily configurable technology lets your association’s brand shine. It also presents an opportunity for members to personalize their experience as they connect with your organization and network with other professionals. Offer a virtual community for members to intentionally connect outside of association events. Set up various subgroups or channels for early-careers, new members, or committee members.   

TECH TIP: Add brand value to the member experience when you adopt Nimble Communities, a virtual online community designed to expand member engagement and boost retention.

2. Provide modern e-commerce options. E-commerce has the power to deliver a superior member experience so it’s crucial to invest in an innovative AMS that can support intuitive online shopping. To produce positive member sentiments, search for e-commerce options that prioritize mobile shopping, offer opportunities to renew memberships, register for events, secure sponsorships, and make donations.  

TECH TIP: With the Nimble AMS Lightning Store, you can power up your association’s e-commerce experience by offering an intuitive method to market various products for members and one-time customers.

3. Become the go-to resource for career advancement. Add brand value to your association by offering a competitive job board and hosting virtual or in-person career fairs to help professionals network with potential employers. Provide career path information that’s relevant to members of your industry and offer data about various roles and positions so both members and non-members will look to you for insights.

TECH TIP: Accelerate association brand value when you integrate Nimble AMS with YM Careers, Community Brands software created to foster member careers.

4. Develop your learning program and professional development opportunities. According to the Community Brands Association Trends Study, individuals join organizations for professional development: 41% of association members reported training opportunities as the most important member benefit. An easy way for your organization to produce positive member feelings is to provide a robust learning program. In time, members will view your association as one that cares about educating professionals within the industry.   

TECH TIP: Nimble AMS is completely integrable with Crowd Wisdom, a Community Brands LMS, so you can deliver professional development content like webinars, webcasts, and on-demand streaming courses to your members.

5. Ensure your member records are secure. “One of the greatest brand destroyers would be to have a compromise in your data,” says Rob Miller, Nimble AMS and Gravitate Solutions General Manager. To protect your brand, adopt technology that abides by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws. When you prioritize privacy for your member records, you’ll become known in your industry as an association that values its people.

TECH TIP: Built on the Salesforce platform, Nimble AMS supports the best practices in data security, and offers an in-house Security and Compliance team staffed by experts who run a strong information security and risk management program to meet data privacy regulations and expectations.

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Do you still have questions about adopting a modern AMS at your association? Learn why innovative technology drives member loyalty and delivers a superior member experience when you watch Community Brands’ 2022 Association Trends Study On-Demand Reveal Webinar!

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