Is Your Association Stuck in the 90’s?

Social tools like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way we view and get access to the data we want to see.  You follow and friend people and organizations you like.  You post feeds about yourself and your business.  You tell people what you are doing, what challenges you have, or what you need help on.  It is easy, it is fast, and most importantly … it is current.
Let’s translate that to the internal communication and collaboration of your association.  Can you say that your staff communicates easily, fast, and you have access to the most current information?  Probably not.  Your association is stuck.  You are communicating the same way and with the same tools as you did in the 90’s.  You get a blistering amount of emails, you print static reports that are stuck in time, and loads of disconnected meetings.  90’s please take your methods of communication back.
Associations today need to embrace the easy social concepts of Facebook and Twitter.  Then mash that up in an app for your business needs that is accessible via the cloud.  The result is … Chatter!
Chatter is an internal social network that is offered by Salesforce for your employees.  Your association can say “So long” to communication silos and the 90’s and “Hello” to the collaboration cloud.  With Chatter, your staff can collaborate instantly in context and get more done.  Similar to Facebook and Twitter, your association staff can get engaged with the pulse of the association by posting feeds of what they are doing or what they need help on.  They can share documents, links or other information.  They can have access to all of this information via a browser, a desktop app, or even mobile apps.  Using Chatter, your association would be moving these important conversations and information from 90’s emails to easy and relevant feeds and posts that help everyone in the association focus on the top priorities.
Here is a snapshot of what Chatter gives you.

  • Profiles – Profiles are an internal staff directory.  You can get to know your colleagues like never before.  Follow them so you can see what they are posting and sharing.
  • Feeds – Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can monitor the Chatter posts from people, groups, accounts, and projects that matter most to you in one spot.
  • Groups – Groups help your association organize the communication and collaboration so you can work more productively to get things done.  Groups can be by department, team, topics, or even by member.
  • File Sharing – Post and share files securely with colleagues, teams, and even people outside your association with a simple drag and drop.  Sharing documents, pictures, presentations, etc., more quickly than ever before.
  • Workflow Approvals – Elevate workflow and approval process (membership discounts, sponsorship deals, event planning decisions, and more) out of the manual and automate directly within your Chatter feeds and posts.
  • Chatter Messenger – See who’s online right now and strike up a live conversation instantly (private one to one or group), in context with your association’s feeds and posts.
  • Social Intelligence – Chatter uses dynamic logic to recommend relevant people, groups, files, and records to follow and join.  See the pulse of the association at your fingertips.
  • Easy Access – You can get access to Chatter via a browser, via a desktop application, or via mobile apps for your smartphone or tablet.
Get your assocation out of the 90’s and start using Chatter today.  Chatter is a free app from Salesforce.  Any association can get a free Chatter Only Salesforce license to create your own internal social network.  If you have Nimble AMS, Chatter is already there and is tuned for an association.  The Nimble AMS product has enhanced the Chatter features with automatically created feeds and posts based on the data in your AMS.  There are feeds and posts on the latest membership joins and renewals as well as event registration and committee movement.  Nimble AMS lets the association data drive some of the Chatter conversation. 
Help drive your association’s innovation out of the 90’s.  Get your employees engaged and collaborating in real time from anywhere.  Make your association’s communication SOCIAL.

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