It’s 9am – How Many Members Does Your Association Have? Geckoboard to the rescue.

How In Tune Are You To information On Your Association?  ​


  • Do you know how many members you have?
  • How about the number of registrations for your next conference?
  • Do you know how many transactions your organization is processing every week?
  • How many unique visitors did you have to your website yesterday?
  • What are people searching for to arrive at your site?
  • Who on your staff has an upcoming birthday?
  • What is the uptime of your association’s website?

If you have a good association management system and Google Analytics you could likely easily dive in and find this information.  But do you do that every day?  Does everybody (or anybody) else in your organization?

What if there was a large board in the breakroom  
that was constantly updated with key performance
indicators and timely information?

Meet Geckoboard ​


Geckoboard is a great solution for this. Geckoboard monitors your associations vital signs and presents them on a dashboard as it happens. It allows your team to focus on what’s important and react faster.

A Geckoboard status board is made up of widgets (and there are a boatload included). You can select and configure widgets to connect to 3rd party services and retrieve the data you want to display.   Get a nice web enabled TV and point it at a loop of dashboards and your staff will be in the know!

Real-time data from Nimble AMS served up fresh!

Geckoboard and Nimble AMS

NimbleUser has developed a number of widgets to enable associations to display information directly from Nimble AMS and Salesforce on a Geckoboard.  

Included in this initial set of widgets are:

  • Member Count Widget – quick and real-time display of how many members your association has.
  • Most Orders by Staff / Most Account Updates by Staff – shows which staff are the most active in Nimble AMS
  • This week’s revenue and transaction count – real-time display of revenue and transactions count.
  • Member Composition Pie Chart – shows member type breakdown for you association.
  • Staff Birthday Widget.  This widget reads the birthdays out of the user object and displays the next three staff birthdays. Salesforce stores the user’s birthday on the user object.  This widget uses the Salesforce API to query an ordered list of birthdays and send the three upcoming birthdays to the Geckoboard to be displayed.
  • Chatter widget for staff kudos.  Use the hashtag #kudos in a post and it will be placed on the Geckoboard kudos widget.  This is a great way to enable recognition for a job well done.  This widget cycles through the last three #Kudos posts in your association’s Chatter stream.

Easy Steps to Get Started Today

  1. Get a display that you can place in an area (break room, etc) to render the Geckoboard.  You will need either a smart TV with a built in web browser or connect a simple computer with a browser connected to the monitor.  At NimbleUser we opted for two Samsung  32″ LED 5300 Series smart TV and they work really well.
  2. Obtain a Geckboard account at 
  3. Configure and install the Nimble AMS components.  Email or call our customer success manager Julie Tracz at 585.454.8706 and we will give you the installation details or create a task order and implement for you.

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