Keep Your Hands Off My Reports!


Jeff Golembiewski

December 6, 2011

When thinking of an AMS (association management system), usually the first thought is not about reports.  It is not the most glamorous feature in a system.  But it is the corner stone of many needs and activities by staff.  Ultimately the data that goes in must or will come out at some point.

Having used AMS’ over the past 20 years, the concept of report ownership never really went any where.  Reports and queries could be added to the AMS, but it was not possible to assign ownership.  You could group them in directories or folders.  Maybe include your name or a departments name in the report or query title.  Possibly even hide the report unless you have the permission to see it.  But there was never the ability at the user level to simply say … “hey … this is my report … don’t touch”.  Until now.

You will never have to worry about that again.  You can create your reports and set them up at the beginning with you as the only person that can see them.  Using core tools, the reports, queries, and dashboards in Nimble AMS can have the appropriate visibility restrictions set.

  • Visible only to me
  • Visible to all users
  • Visible to a certain group of users

As you create new reports, queries, and dashboards, you can establish who should have access to them.  You now have the freedom to create your own reports that can only be visible to you.  Or you can grant access to the appropriate staff.

The reporting tools in provide an easy wizard approach where you can design the report as well as establish the appropriate access restrictions.  Being able to deploy reports, queries, and dashboards with ownership or group permissions can really streamline how your staff accesses data from the AMS. 

Can your AMS do that?

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