You can say many things about about your data.  Your data is very valuable.  You get great statistics from your data.  You try very hard to keep your data up to date.  The reports and lists you run on your data help keep your association running.  But can you say that your association’s data is sexy?  You probably never heard data and sexy in the same sentence.  The concept may even make you fall out of your chair laughing.
Nimble AMS wants to change that.  We want to revolutionize how you and your staff view your association’s most valuable resource … your data.
Old style association management systems (AMS) display loads and loads of text based data.  From the AMS application to the various reports the staff use, it is just a lot of text to read.  It is all great information but there is no flash.  No pop!  Old style AMS’ don’t display your data in a sexy way.  To be truthful, they just don’t make it easy to see the important and critical information.
That all changes with Nimble AMS and Salesforce.  The Salesforce platform lets us translate bland and boring data into visual images and graphics that are much more meaningful and powerful.  Gone are the days of displaying boring text data that is difficult to understand.  Now you can display images that help your staff quickly see, process and understand your data like never before.
Here are some great examples of what you can do in Nimble AMS.
Convert member type and thru date to a simple color coded flag.  If they have a green flag … they are a member!
Convert valuable engagement data to a simple star image.  The more stars a member has … the more engaged they are!
These images are actually fields in the database, so they can also be displayed in any of your reports and lists.  Talk about a powerful reporting tool!
As you can guess, the options for these images and graphics are endless.  You can let your imagination go wild and come up with some great graphics to represent the association’s data.  A little creativity and configuration can turn your stale and tired old AMS into something current, hip and you guessed it … Sexy!   Can your AMS do that?

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