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We have all had those days where we get stressed.  We have a ton to do.  Maybe it is during that heavy membership drive where you have a massive amount of membership renewals that need processing in a very short period of time.  Or it could be when the annual meeting registration window opens and you get a huge influx of registrations to get entered in only a few days.  There are many of these scenarios that happen at an association.  The way to a more Nimble Life at your association could be some simple keyboard data entry shortcuts. ​

Did you know that Nimble AMS already has a wide variety of these keyboard data entry shortcuts ready to make your association life more nimble?  Here is a list of some great shortcuts you can start using today.
On any page, global navigation
/ = jump to search bar
g+a = go to account landing page
g+c = go to committee landing page
g+d = go to donation landing page
g+e = go to event landing page
g+m = go to membership landing page
g+r = go to reports
g+s = go to subscription landing page
On any page, global record creation
n+a = Create new account
n+i = Create new individual
n+d = Create new donation (if on account detail, creates on for the account)
n+o = Create new order
n+r = Create new registration (if on account detail, creates on for the account)
On any Detail page
e = Edit
d = Delete
On the Order sidebar
i = Order info
a = Add items
a+d = Add donation
a+m = Add membership
a+r = Add registration
a+s = Add subscription
o+c = View Cart
o+p = View Payment
On a Cart page
j = Browse cart items
e = Edit the selected cart item
On a Payment page
p = Create payment
None of the shortcuts require the use of control keys.  Just press the one or two character combinations … BAM … you are more nimble.  Try these keyboard data entry shortcuts and see if you can go mouseless.

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