My Search Bites!

We have heard this over and over again. “It is easy to get the data into your AMS but searching on it or getting it out really BITES!”  Many old style AMS’s go the traditional model of having only a few search options. If you are lucky, maybe you get a few bonus search options that can be customized. To compound this problem, these search are usually siloed to specific modules of focus and your search does not cross the module borders. Nimble AMS tosses that model into the trash and revolutionizes the AMS search. The Nimble AMS search goes global.
​With the “global search” concept, the search is always available. This powerful search is amped up even further by letting it cross every record in your AMS, regardless of module, object, and/or record type. So you can enter search criteria that could cross your member accounts, event registrations, merchandise sales, and more. You get easy access to your data and you are given the tools to narrow down your search as needed.

Global Search

Global Search Results

How does the global search work?

  • Global search searches objects, record types, documents, Chatter feeds, and more.  These searches include all text fields, custom fields, descriptions, notes, tasks, and comments.
  • Global search keeps track of which objects you use and how often you use them to prearrange your search results accordingly.
  • Search terms are treated as separate words and my be found in different searchable fields within a record.
  • Additional search options allow you to either restrict the results to only records you own or to lock the search to the exact phrase. The exact phrase can also be accomplished by using quotation marks around your search terms.
  • Wildcards can be used to refine your search results. Use the * (asterisk) to match one or more characters and use ? (question mark) to match a single character.
  • Operators can be used to refine your search with AND, OR, AND NOT, as well as ( ) (parentheses) for nesting.
  • The columns that appear in the search results can be adjusted in the system setup to display data that your association would like to see for each object.
  • The user can open a record by clicking on the record’s link.
  • The user can immediately edit a record by clicking on the edit link.
  • The user can drill deeper into a specific object’s search results by clicking on the object name on the left side.
  • Additional object filters can be added to give even more search capabilities per object for associations with high volumes of data.

Global Search Filters

The Nimble AMS global search gives your searches some real BITE. Giving you more flexibility and control over the records that you are searching for in your AMS. Take a BITE out of your data today! Click here for more information on global search options, details, and examples.

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