A system administrator can now create a custom (user-defined) tab that contains both standard iMIS fields and custom user-defined fields for the Details pane of the Manage Customers window. This tab can, for example, contain a mix of: • fields from the Name table or the Name_Fin table; • fields from any user-defined tables that apply to all customer types; • SQL formula fields based on these tables (example: calculate the member’s Age on this tab instead of showing the BIRTH_DATE field). Notes on This Feature: 1. Only one custom tab can be created. 2. To protect data integrity, some fields are always READ ONLY. These include: • Phone or fax numbers and email addresses that are used in synchronization rules; • Fields subject to User Defined Company Flow Down; • SQL formula-based fields; • The Name_Fin.BILL_TO field; • The Name.COUNTY field if auto-population of the county name is enabled; • System-generated fields (such as Name.FULL_NAME or Name.LAST_UPDATED). To create a SQL Field on your Custom Tab: 1. Open the Custom Tab Designer Window (Customer | Set up module | Additional Windows | Custom Tab).2. Click the Create SQL Field button.3. Enter a Prompt for the field. 4. Enter a valid SQL formula in the SQL String field. 5. Click the Add SQL button.How iMIS Processes the SQL Formula: In this sample scenario, your formula string is: 
If you have defined user-defined tables UDTable1UDTable2, then the select statement that will be generated to populate the tab for ID #100225 is: 
Select DATEDIFF(year,BIRTH_DATE,GETDATE()) from Name,Name_Fin,Name_Demo,UDTable1, UDTable2 where Name_Demo.ID=*Name.ID and UDTable1.ID=*Name.ID and UDTable2.ID=*Name.ID and Name_Fin.ID=*Name.ID and Name.ID=’100225′
NOTE: If the string is not properly structured so that it can be executed in this select statement, you will receive an error “Invalid SQL formula!” Excerpted from ASI’s iMIS Release Notes.