New Nimbler on the Block: Felipe Cossa


Please help us welcome Felipe Cossa to the NimbleUser team! Felipe is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science. He has joined our product team as a Software Engineer. When Felipe is not at work, he enjoys playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons and watching anime and Star Trek. 

Fun facts about Felipe:
— He has two citizenships (the US and Brazil).
— He recently discovered that he enjoys cooking.
— He loves puns.

While Felipe enjoys the relaxed work environment, standing desks, giant beanbag chairs, and casual dress code at NimbleUser, what he really loves most, so far, is the coffee. (Hey, we can’t blame him there!) He jokes that it is what solidified his decision to join our team. Whatever it was that sealed the deal, we’re glad to have you here. Welcome to the NimbleUser family, Felipe! 

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