New Nimbler on the Block: Jake Darling, Software Engineer

Jake Darling

Please help us welcome Jake Darling to the NimbleUser team! Jake is a graduate of RIT with a B.S. in Software Engineering. Jake has joined our Product Architecture team, bringing experience from internships in test automation and software engineering. 

When asked what brought him to NimbleUser, Jake responded, “The people and culture. It’s a very trusting environment. Everyone is friendly and wants to succeed. I got a good sense of this in my interview, and even before that when reading through some of the blog posts.” 

So far, Jake’s favorite part of working at NimbleUser is the office setting. He loves the art, the bright colors, natural light, and inspirational quotes on the monitors. (The stocked fruit in the kitchen doesn’t hurt either.)

When he’s not working, Jake prefers to spend as much time outside as possible. He loves hiking, fishing, camping, and occasionally playing basketball. When he can’t be outside, he enjoys playing Rocket League. 

Fun facts about Jake: 

  • His legal name is just Jake, not Jacob.
  • In high school, he played three sports: football, basketball, and track.
  • He’s been known to jam out alone in his car. (So that guy you see while you’re driving to work — that’s him.) 

Welcome to the Nimbleverse, Jake! We’re happy to have you here! 

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