Nimble AMS Featured in Spark Consulting Whitepaper

Spark Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that provides strategic membership and marketing services for associations recently released a whitepaper titled, “Member Relations: An Association-Centric Approach to Customer Relationship Management” discussing how associations are starting to look at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software either as an adjunct to or replacement for a more traditional Association Management System (AMS). The whitepaper examines three associations, one of which is using Nimble AMS, to understand how that association is meeting their AMS and CRM needs and what advice they have for other associations considering the same path.  

The whitepaper examines these three scenarios:
1. CRM + AMS-using Salesforce to supplement an existing AMS
2. CRM in place of an AMS-using Microsoft CRM instead of an AMS.
3. CRM-based AMS-Nimble AMS.

The whitepaper does an excellent job of explaining the relationship between CRM and AMS and profiling real associations’ application of both. Nimble AMS is featured in the third case study starting on page 11. Check out the whitepaper to learn how Nimble AMS is impacting one association and what advice they’d like to share with other associations. Access the whitepaper here:

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