Nimble AMS Spokesmodel Reveals the Dark Side of Innovation

On the outside, Helen (last name redacted) looks like every other 10 year old girl. But on the inside, she is one of the many victims living in the shadows of Nimbleness and Innovation.  ​

It Started Innocently Enough…

It started with an inquiry from a member of the NimbleUser marketing team to Helen’s parents: Would Helen be a model for Nimble AMS, NimbleUser’s innovative Association Management Software based on the Salesforce App Cloud?

Helen’s mother, Dawn, thought it would be a good idea and though she had concerns about childhood stardom, “the money would certainly help”. She ran it by Helen and she was very excited. Together they accepted.

An Ominous Beginning

Helen was to have the word “Innovate” airbrushed on her knuckles for the photoshoot to resemble the classic “love/hate” tattoos. Due to a huge miscommunication between the art director and Dawn, the tragic result was that instead of “Innovate” being airbrushed, the word was actually tattooed on her knuckles permanently. Dawn knew that this mishap would change Helen’s life forever but decided to embrace the accident and Helen’s new message.

Helen spent a few days at NimbleUser’s headquarters and soaked in the innovation culture. Helen began to relish her ‘Innovation Hands’ and was determined to drive innovation in every facet of her life.
Innovation at Home
The first to suffer from Helen’s newfound ‘Innovation hands’ was her family. “On her first day back from the photoshoot Helen showed me a better way to make my bed, cut the grapefruit, fold my clothes, and even brush my teeth!” bemoaned her mother. At first this was great — the family was getting all of their work done quicker than ever before and were much much more productive. She started finishing her homework in 1/4 of the time! But after a while the family grew tired of the constant innovation. “When she showed me a better way to fold toilet paper I knew we had a problem,” said her father.

…And Then Elsewhere

Helen started to experience problems at school as well. She found herself in the principal’s office after repeatedly showing her math teacher a way to do algebra quicker and easier. “I love the fact that she was making us more efficient but the other kids were not ready to be so Nimble,” lamented math teacher Donna Lgebra.

A Solution Found Where It All Started

As the innovation started to accelerate at a frantic pace, Helen’s parents reached out to the only place they could think for help – NimbleUser. “They understand what she was going through and worked with Helen to effectively channel her innovation,” said her Mother. Today Helen is back to school and welcomed at home. She stated, “Team NimbleUser worked with me to drive innovation but in a more digestible, less in your face way.”


Helen will bear her ‘Innovation Hands’ for the rest of her life but she now counts her marked hands a blessing: “My friends and family have embraced that innovation is part of who I am and my Nimbleness is starting to be seen in them too. Just yesterday my big brother came up with a better (and much tastier) way to make pancakes – who can’t love that?!”

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