NimbleUser wins its 10th Customer Service Award

Last week NimbleUser received two awards at the recent ASI Innovation Conference in Las Vegas.  This is the annual conference of Authorized iMIS Solution Providers where Advanced Solutions outlines their technology roadmap, provides a deep dive into their solutions and recognizes partner success.
NimbleUser was awarded its 10th Customer Service Award.  To us at NimbleUser this is the ultimate recognition to our core company value of providing an Outstanding Customer Experience.  This award is customer driven and is the result of extensive customer surveys conducted by ASI.  

An outstanding customer experience is the output of a partnership between NimbleUser, ASI and, most importantly,  the customer working together.  Thanks ASI! Thanks Customers!  Here is to another great year! ​

NimbleUser also received its 8th Chairman’s circle award and we are very proud to be recognized this way.

The only issue may be that we will soon need a bigger awards shelf!

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