NimbleUser Celebrates Its 20th Year

I am excited to be leading NimbleUser into its 20th year of providing technology and services to our Professional and Trade Associations.
Back in 1992 Sig (our Founder) worked alone traveling the Upstate New York area selling and implementing the newly created iMIS Association Management Software. He also helped organizations with anything related to their technology needs. This included troubleshooting printers, ordering computers and setup networks.
Today NimbleUser is significantly larger and we are more narrowly focused on AMS (Association Management Software), Web Technologies and Mobile. Technology is continually changing and we are finding ways to deepen our commitment to make our clients Nimble through effective use of existing technology and incorporating leading edge technologies like Cloud Computing.
Since joining the NimbleUser team in 2000 it has been my pleasure to work with each of you as well. Our team has grown and we are all very proud of our company and what we enabled our clients to achieve.
Thanks so much for your business. Some of you have been with us for as long as I have or longer and we are grateful. You can continue to expect us to do right by you.

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