The numbers prove it: Nimble AMS is focused on customer success

The way a tech vendor allocates resources within their company says a lot about their commitment to customers.

Nimble AMS backs a strong ongoing commitment to your association’s success with the people behind both product and services. Here’s how the numbers break down.

When it’s time for a new association management software (AMS) system, you likely think about the features and functionality your organization needs. But do you think about the people behind the product?

You should. Your software vendor’s commitment to your success is arguably as important as the product they provide.

Of course, most software providers say they want to help you succeed. So, how do you know they’ll back up their claims?

One way to determine a software vendor’s commitment to client success is to look at how they allocate resources within their company. For example, the Nimble AMS team is made up of three functional teams: Services (including implementation and customer support), Product (including product management and strategy, feature development, quality assurance, and delivery), and everyone else (including sales, marketing, administration, and executives).

The breakdown of the teams is:

  • Services: 55 percent
  • Product: 26 percent
  • Everyone else: 19 percent

This heavy weighting toward Services and Product represents a strong ongoing commitment to Nimble AMS clients. Additionally, our retention rate of over 95% further exhibits our dedication to client success.

Meet the associations that love Nimble AMS

Another sure-fire way to determine a software provider’s commitment to client success is to hear from the clients themselves. Take a look at these Nimble AMS case studies.


Nimble AMS team breakdown by function

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