I heard the question raised recently of what the makeup is of the NimbleUser team – the resource allocation between our various departments, and how that relates to other software companies. So I thought I would share some of those statistics, including some anecdotal comparison to our peers.
NimbleUser is made up of three functional teams including the Services (including implementation and customer support), Product (including product management and strategy, feature development, quality assurance, and delivery), and everyone else (including sales, marketing, administration, and executives). We have 55 staff today and our distribution is roughly 40% to each Services and Product, and 20% to others. This heavy weighting on both Services and Product represents our strong ongoing commitment to you!

Comparing ourselves to other software companies we can infer certain statistics from their financial statements or from public information. For example Hubspot shared that when they were a 100 person company, their distribution was 20% to Services, 20% to Product, and 60% to others, heavily weighted on sales and marketing. Another benchmark is Salesforce themselves. Based on their FY2016 Annual Report, we know their makeup was roughly 15% Services, 20% Product, and 65% others (again, mostly sales and marketing).

We remain committed to building you the best AMS on the Salesforce platform. An Operations Administrator at a recently launched customer clapped out loud after the launch and exclaimed “this is so much better than [their old system] and so much easier!”

​We look forward to seeing all of our customers and many of you at Nimblepalooza at the end of October.